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How to Be More Positive
Improving Positive Self Talk

Customized Positive Self Affirmations

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Learning how to be more positive can feel overwhelming or confusing when you're trying to go against your own “negative self talk.”  You may feel “outnumbered” by those...

Voices that are constantly telling you exactly why you can't do something.

These “daily negative thoughts,” however, can be turned into “daily positive thoughts” if you learn a few specific approaches, one of which is to seek help to create positive self affirmations that could change your life!

How to Be More Positive

If you're asking, "What is self talk?"  The answer is simple...

It's everything you say to yourself either silently or audibly to yourself. Many times, this self talk shows up in these "pesky little" voices that tell us that we can't do something and that's called "negative self talk."

When you want to make change, however, many times you're losing the battle to all those voices that come up because there are "so many of them."  So, a great choice is to “bring in reinforcements" on your side!

Here are a few ways to do this:
  1. Inundate yourself with motivational and inspirational materials.

  2. Surround yourself with totally (and only) positive people.

  3. Get help managing your negative core issues that drive your negative self talk and turn them into positive self talk.

How to Be More Positive

Keeping yourself surrounded with positive books and videos teaches you how to become more positive through example.  And if you really inundate yourself, you'll soon find that your negative self talk is “pushed aside” because you are remembering quotes from these materials. 

While this is a good “first step,” it usually, however, does not address the underlying negative core issues that drive the negative self talk.

How to Be More Positive

In today's society, it's uncommon to find highly charged positive people who know exactly how to do positive self affirmations that target their negative beliefs.  However, they are out there.

One example would be to get involved in a positive thinking home business where you're enveloped in a community of “positive and upbeat people” who are making it a strong lifestyle choice to seek inner development because it is a part of their business life. 

You can also surround yourself with people who inspire you, whether they are alive, dead, famous or not, by having something called a “mastermind group.” This group consists of people that inspire you to be positive.   When you are “feeling down,” you can ask them what they'd do.  Surprisingly enough, if you get to know their personalities, you'll figure out “what they'd do.”    You can also spend time with them through their books, tapes or other media as I suggested in the motivational materials portion above. 

While this approach is also a good first step, it doesn't address the core issues that are driving the negative self talk in the first place either.

How to Be More Positive

The best thing to do to get a jump-start on turning negative self talk into positive self talk, however, is to learn to manage your negative core issues and get down to the “roots” of why these voices keep arising.

For example, a compulsive shopper may constantly experience shame and negative self talk over the financial crisis created by the overextended shopping sprees, yet cannot stop the behavior until the true reason for the shopping sprees is found; i.e., to create financial chaos to sustain the comfort zone of financial chaos.  Once this “core issue” [of sustaining chaos] is found, using positive self affirmations that target the financial chaos issue (rather than ones targeting the symptom of shopping) become powerful affirmations that can bring lasting change.

However, doing this alone is definitely a tough thing to do!

So, I've put together an introductory offer for new clients that gives you a chance to:

  1. Learn how to gently disarm those internal negative voices.

  2. Practice symbolically speaking to these voices to encourage them to become positive.

  3. Create customized positive self affirmations that target the core issues.

  4. Receive support during this learning phase by having someone with whom to talk it over.

How to Be More Positive

All the answers you need for your life are buried deep inside of you...

These answers can be prompted to the surface through an sensitive, intuitive approach for finding them...

I've developed a technique to help you find these answers and then I teach you specific self talk exercises to help yourself make change.

New Client Introduction

suzanneI have a special offer for new clients:

One hour of telephone/Skype coaching to help you:
  1. Identify negative self talk with regard to one core issue in your life.

  2. Learn a specific technique for quieting the negative self talk for this issue.

  3. Energetically change this voice into positive self talk.

  4. Create three positive self affirmations for overcoming this issue.

  5. Increase self esteem and increase your internal power!
The also includes one alpha brainwave meditation audio as a free gift.

Once you purchase the hour, I will contact you to arrange a mutually-convenient time for your session.  If we cannot arrive at a mutually-agreeable time within 30 days, I will refund your money.  For other questions, please see our privacy policy and disclaimer.

This offer is good for new clients as an introduction to my services, but there is no obligation to continue after this first session.  The alpha brainwave audio is your free gift with your initial session.

New Client "Positive Self Talk" 1-Hour - Single Purchase $250.00  
(Includes one alpha brainwave mediation audio as free gift with first session.)

Sorry, but I'm not currently taking new clients.

Please check out The Effective Positive Thinking Program
which I personally created with the
techniques I've used with my
private clients.

So, now it's your turn...

Wouldn't it be nice to “make friends” with your critical voices and enlist their help to be on “your side?”

I know what it's like to feel “outnumbered” by all those negative voices that come up when it's time to make change. 

Imagine overcoming your negative self talk and learning how to be more positive.  With the techniques I teach you in The Effective Positive Thinking Program, you can harness the power of positive thoughts and turn “daily negative thoughts” into “daily positive thoughts” because you've shifted your energy and your mind to becoming more positive.  YOU ALSO LEARN HOW TO BECOME A MONEY MAGNET...  Click here for more...

For more information about personal development help, check out this personal development consulting article:

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