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Guided Mindfulness Meditation
How to Achieve Mindful Meditation in Minutes


Practicing guided mindfulness meditation takes focus and concentration to achieve mindful meditation.  However, with a certain type of guided meditation mp3, you don't have to work so hard.

In fact, if you find just the right guided meditation mp3, it will do all the work for you, which is very desirable when you're just learning meditation.

Guided Mindfulness Meditation

If you're looking to achieve mindful meditation and are just learning meditation, using a guided meditation script or audio is a good choice.  However, you still need to practice quieting your mind down enough to attain a successful mindful meditation when using these standard meditations.

If you're wondering, “What is Mindful Meditation?” some people may answer that it is quieting your mind enough to allow space for it to "breathe and reflect."  While this is true, my answer to that question is a bit different.

My answer is different because I know of a way to put myself into different meditative states of mind that actually enhance different functions of my life. 

For example, if I want to increase my ability to focus for studying and to comprehend my studies better, I'll use a certain type of meditation audio.

If I want to increase my creativity, I'll use another type of meditation audio, and if I want to expand my mind into “higher spiritual realms,” I'll use yet another meditation audio. 

Could each one of these be called a guided mindfulness meditation audio that “guides” me into different forms of mindful meditation?  Yes.

Could each of these mindful meditation states add more to my life than just sitting, breathing and “emptying my mind” of all thoughts?  Yes.

Are these a great form of “beginner meditation” for those of us who have a hard time settling our minds and bodies down enough to focus on getting mindful?  Yes, yes, yes!

Guided Mindfulness Meditation
How to Meditation

The basic how to meditation guide would give you plenty of pointers on how to sit, stand, walk or crawl your way into meditation.  It might also give you a variety of tricks to calm your mind down enough to attain mindful meditation. 

While I have found many of those tricks over the years of practicing meditation, with the advanced technologies available today such as brainwave entrainment and silent subliminals, I'd rather just relax on the couch, plug in my chosen brainwave meditation and drift off into a wonderful state of meditation that is promoting a healthier, happier body as well as doing all the work of calming down my mind and body.

In fact, I usually get so relaxed so quickly that I fall asleep right away.  And when I wake up, it's an interesting feeling just how rested and revived I feel, especially if I had really become overly stressed before using the brainwave meditation.

Check out this video that explains more about the brainwave meditations and why they're the easiest form of meditation:


Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Practicing mindful meditation is an important aspect of positive thinking and staying positive because it gives your body the tools to think better and handle stress better. 

When you use brainwave meditation audios, you've learned the latest way to achieve mindful meditation within minutes and have found the best meditation for beginners.

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