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Looking for Guided Meditation Script? 
Easy Meditation Techniques


Using a guided meditation script is a good start for “beginner meditation,” but using meditation scripts or relaxation scripts are a “thing of the past” with today's easy meditation techniques.

What you want to do instead is to find a way that puts you into a deep meditative state while you, basically, do nothing...

You don't have to “think” about reading or breathing (well, yes, you have to breathe, but you don't have to “think about your breath") or artificially try to “empty” your mind so you can relax.

Today, meditation can be done using safe, electronics.  These electronic forms of meditation gently put your mind into a relaxed state of meditation without having to focus on reading a guided relaxation script and makes learning meditation as snap! 

Well, actually less than a snap, because there's really no “learning curve” in this form of “beginner meditation” because the meditation audio does all the work for you.

Can it be used for “non” beginner meditation?  Yes, because this form of meditation comes in “different flavors.” 

This means that instead of using a guided meditation script where you're force to stay alert enough to read, which keeps you in a light meditative state, you can use an electronic form of meditation that puts you either into a medium meditation for enhanced creativity and sleep replacement or into a deep sleep that causes your body to improve immune function and rejuvenate itself.

Guided Meditation Script

Many of us today want to learn the ancient ritual of meditation.  However, the task of learning meditation can be very difficult when being a part of today's hectic lifestyle, which is all the more reason to meditate. 

Using a guided relaxation script can help you focus and “tune out” your hectic life, but it still takes effort to get yourself down into a very relaxed state of mind.  And you can only go so deep when reading. 

So, many people replace their guided meditation script with a guided imagery meditation audio, which is a much better choice because you and then just listen and be “swept away” rather than keeping your cognitive function going in order to read the relaxation script.

Guided Meditation Script

While using relaxation scripts or guided imagery meditation audios is helpful to “get the ball rolling” in beginner meditation practices, many people today choose to use something called a brainwave entrainment audio that gently puts their minds into various relaxed states, depending on the outcome that they wish to achieve through their meditation.

When using these brainwave meditation audios, it turns beginner meditation into advance meditation without years of practice. 

You can get brainwave entrainment audios in various “wavelengths” that correspond to the different levels of meditation.

For example, an alpha brainwave meditation is the equivalent of a light meditative state.  A theta brainwave meditation audio is the equivalent of a medium meditative state, and a delta brainwave meditation audio is equivalent to deep sleep, the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation.

Here is a chart that shows the different functions and wavelengths of the brainwave meditation. You'll notice that I haven't mentioned the Beta state because it's associated with nervousness and depression and is sadly where most people spend the bulk of their lives:

brainwave frequencies

What most people are seeking when they desire learning meditation is to get their minds OUT of the beta mode and into the alpha or theta modes. 

It should be mentioned that because most people spend the bulk of their lives in the beta state, they can become resistent to dropping down into the alpha state.  This is why using a brainwave entrainment mp3 is desireable because it can quickly and easily "shift" the brain into the alpha, theta or delta states of mind.  

Watch this video that explains the brainwave frequencies and how they relate to the different levels of meditation and why most people aren't getting the more profound benefits of meditation:


Guided Meditation Script

Now that you know that there's another way to achieve a greater meditative state than by using a guided meditation script, you're probably wondering how to find a good brainwave entrainment download, right? 

Well, I've already thought about that and have put together some really cool brainwave entrainment mp3 audios customized just for you.  Click here to check out these great brainwave meditation audios...


If you are interested in learning meditation today, you don't have to rely on out of day guided meditation scripts, relaxation scripts or guided imagery meditation audios that leave out the state-of-the-art brainwave technology. 

Instead, you can slip on a set of headphones, relax and let the audio gently relax your mind and your body in a matter of minutes.  The relaxation that you can experience is profound and if you're like me, you'll use these beneficial audios often and get accumulated benefits in anti-aging and stress relief.

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