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Gratitude Rocks: 5 Tips for
Successfully Using Them

Gratitude rocks are a fun way to initiate an attitude of gratitude, but there are ways to add variety that make it more fun.  Learning how to develop gratitude with a gratitude rock allows you to...

Anchor the feeling of gratitude inside your body and form a habit of appreciation, but there's more to it than just picking up the rock and being grateful.

Now, I'm sure many of you are saying, “Okay, Suzanne, how hard is it to pick up a rock and be grateful, why do I need tips?” 

Well, you don't, but my five suggestions here add some fun and can help you through the “I'm bored, frustrated and this isn't working” phase of using this form of anchor.

Gratitude Rock

TIP #1:  The first tip I'd like to give you is to think outside the “rock box” when choosing your gratitude rock.  When most people introduce this tool into their gratitude training, they usually assume that it has to be a rock...

But it doesn't have to be, does it?

Why can't it be a favorite object of yours like a glass heart, a bead, a handkerchief, a one dollar coin, etc.?

Choosing something that initiates an emotional charge in you can turbo boost your feelings around being grateful because you've already been able to access your emotions.

Quotes of Gratitude

TIP #2:  When you're holding your gratitude rock (or other gratitude object) and you've run out of things to be thankful for, finding some great gratitude quotes to read while you hold the rock can help you instill an attitude of gratitude that your body will associate with the rock.

The object here is to get your body to recognize that when you hold the rock, you're going to feel appreciation.  So, if you can't come up with anything on your own, use quotes about gratitude to initiate those feelings.

Gratitude Meditation

TIP #3:  Whether you're an old pro at meditation or a beginner, holding your rock during your meditation can help connect your gratitude rock or object with your emotional and mental state simply because you've changed your brainwaves enough to make physical changes in your body...

And anytime you make physical changes inside your body, you've also changed your vibration.  Allowing your gratitude object to connect with this vibration while you're meditating can make it easier to find that same connection at another time when you're holding your rock outside of your meditation session.

If you're new to the benefits of meditation, I've done a video that explains more about how to meditate like a monk as well as the benefits of meditation.  Click here to watch that video, then come back and we'll continue.
Reflections of Gratitude

TIP #4:  Since thoughts have vibrations, when you journal out your feelings, if you focus your journaling session on being grateful, it's a great time to hold your gratitude rock or object.


Because, again, this gives your body and rock time to “get to know each other” and connect on a deep level, so when you find your rock or object in your pocket later in the day, it's easier to recall the reflections of gratitude that you had earlier that day when you were journaling.

Gratitude List

TIP #5:  Do you have to have only one gratitude rock or object? 


Another good idea is to use objects that relate to the things that you're grateful for and to leverage the emotional charge you feel from that particular object for that particular subject.

For example, if you're grateful for the money you have in your life (or intend to have in your life,) holding a shiny one dollar coin and being grateful for money is a well focused way to use your “gratitude coin” in action.

Same thing goes for carrying a picture of a person, pet or object.  These types of “gratitude rocks” help you tap into what you appreciate about that person, object or subject.  Once you do this, it's easy to make up a gratitude list for each rock or object.

How to Develop Gratitude

Using these five tips to help you learn how to develop gratitude through the use of a gratitude rock can help you overcome the boredom or frustration that can sometimes happen when you do one solitary practice for a long time.

Out of these tips, my favorite one is the gratitude meditation because it also gives your body anti-aging and other healthy benefits.  If you didn't get a chance to view the video I suggested above, click here to view it now...

best-ways-to-instill-gratitude Another great way to develop gratitude is through hypnosis.  

Check out this article that tells you the results of a study conducted in tandem by the Universities of California and Miami about the benefits of maintaining a grateful disposition.

It also has a hypnosis download that helps you "take the easy route" to developing an attitude of gratitude.

Click here to check out this great article about the Study results and the hypnosis download.

For more on gratitude lessons and how to develop gratitude, here's a great article:

How to Develop Gratitude:  Tools to Work Up the Emotional Scale
Learning how to develop gratitude when you're fixed in a mode of depression is easier to do when you understand that if you can maintain an attitude of gratitude long enough, you'll gently...


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