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Free Emotional Intelligence Test
How To Use One To Improve Your Emotional IQ


Using a free emotional intelligence test to assess your emotional intelligence skills is a start, but what happens after the test?  This article provides an emotional intelligence free test as well as...

Guidance on what to do after the test...

Especially if you found that you have a low emotional intelligence test score.

Defining Emotional Intelligence

While many definitions of emotional intelligence have varied components, most agree that the four main components of emotional intelligence are:
  1. Self awareness
  2. Self management
  3. Social awareness
  4. Relationship management
So, when you take any emotional intelligence quiz, whether it's a free emotional intelligence test or a comprehensive emotional intelligence assessment, you'll want to remember that these are the four areas that the EQ quiz or test are analyzing.

Why is Emotional Intelligence Important?

Whether you are working with emotional intelligence in business or in your home life, improving your emotional IQ serves you in many ways:
  1. Greater self awareness of thoughts and emotions can expand your inner world to connect with your true potential for life – whether at home or at the office;

  2. Better integration of your thoughts and feelings together can increase your creativity and productivity;

  3. Better management of your emotions can give you the persistence necessary for success;

  4. Improved awareness of other people's emotions can give you insight on how to influence and control your relationships – for the positive – and work together for solutions; and

  5. Better control of your own emotions within your relationships can lead you into a place of power where you know that you are in control of your life!

Fee-Based Emotional Intelligence Assessment vs. Free

Although an emotional intelligence free test is a good start, you may want to also take a fee-based emotional intelligence assessment later after you've been working with emotional intelligence for awhile.


Because as you improve your emotional IQ, your test scores will be rapidly changing.  So, why not take the free emotional intelligence test a few times “as practice” before embarking on a more serious endeavor?

Emotional Intelligence Quiz

While there are oodles of emotional intelligence tests out there, I found one that is fast and easy to do.  This link opens in a new window, so go ahead and take the test, then come back here and we'll discuss what to do next...


Low Emotional Intelligence

Whether you have a high score or scored with low emotional intelligence from this quick quiz, just taking this test can give you better awareness of where you stand right now, but it's not the “end all” to assessing your EQ.

In fact, I've taken this test several times giving several different answers...

Is that cheating?  No, just manipulating the results, which brings me to another point...

Your test results are only as good as your objectivity!  So, be sure to be objective with yourself so you get results which reflect your true score.

How to Improve Emotional Intelligence

Here are some exercises which directly relate to the test you just took.

For example, the first question, “In my group of friends, I am generally aware of how each person feels about the other people in our social circle” can be used as a direct exercise to improve your emotional intelligence skills.


The next time you're with your “group of friends,” take some time out to “feel how the people in the room feel by (internally) mimicking their gestures and mannerisms.  This is an old acting exercise that helps you understand the “inner workings” of people simply because you've taken on their “physical mannerisms and persona.”  (But be sure people don't see you doing this or they'll surely be offended.)

In sales, there is a a technique called “mirroring” where you “mirror” your prospects mannerisms to create a sense of connection for the prospect so you make the sale Practicing this technique when working with emotional intelligence skills can give you insight into “being aware of how people feel” when you're in a group.

Emotional Intelligence Skills

If you go back through the entire test and ask yourself how you can “put yourself in the moment of each question,” you'll find that working with emotional intelligence in this fashion can be fun and creative.

Taking the second question as an example, “When I am upset, I can usually pinpoint exactly why I am distressed,” the next time you're upset, ask yourself to “pinpoint” what's upsetting you. 

One way to improve emotional intelligence in this fashion is to journal out your thoughts in a free style manner, which helps you improve emotional intelligence simply because you're asking your brain to use both its rational portion and its emotional portion in tandem.

While I've given you a couple of quick suggestions for using the test as a tool, I also like to use hypnosis to make personal change and I've found a great hypnosis download that helps improve emotional intelligence - just click this link to review it now...  

Assessing Emotional Intelligence Quotient

When taking any emotional intelligence free test, emotional intelligence quiz or a full blown emotional intelligence assessment, remember to use the questions and information in the test as a guide to improve your emotional intelligence skills.

As you continue working with emotional intelligence in this fashion, you're making it easier and easier to get better and better and before you know it, you'll have a high level of emotional intelligence quotient and won't be looking for any more EQ tests because you're too busy enjoying a rich life full of close and satisfying relationships with yourself and those around you!

relax-and-listen-to-hypnosisHere's more information about that hypnosis resource I mentioned earlier that helps you increase your emotional intelligence: 

It allows you to control your negative emotional responses; 

It helps you identfy and understand your own emotional states and recognize others' emotional states in order to gain more influence over them.

Click here to check out this great hypnosis download.

And here's an another article that explains more about this great subject:

What is Emotional Intelligence and How Does it Relate to Positive Thinking?  “What is Emotional Intelligence” is a hot question today with so much emphasis on emotional intelligence in business and how it strongly affects our success at work.  But it also affects success...


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