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Fire Walking
Fire as a Great Teacher

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Fire walking has existed for thousands of years and has fascinated, challenged, and inspired millions of people. What does walking on hot coals really teach us?

Fire is one of life’s greatest teachers.

It teaches you to be cautious, but it also teaches you to be open-minded, to be strong, focused, open to change, to challenge, and to be determined.

Walking on fire is an outlet of intent, the soul’s passion to conquer, to achieve.

Taking the initial step is the first sign of strength and openness, but maintaining the path, going onwards despite the intense fear and risks is one of the most difficult parts of this age-old but still viable challenge.

Getting to the other side through the heat of the flame is a matter of mettle...

Of staying power and...

Of tough drive.

By walking on hot coals, step by step, foot by foot, you are breaking down your limits...

Your self-imposed and culturally-imposed fears, conventions and boundaries.

Step by step you are going across the walls of fear, and toward something that is enveloped with freedom, exhilaration and achievement.

Walking on fire teaches you respect because only through respecting the fire's strengths and looking for its weaknesses can you pass through it.


There are only rare times when one is offered such a chance to take control of one’s actions and ultimate reactions. Motivational seminars that use fire as a teacher and provide this experience can take you to a whole new level of existence within yourself, and new way of looking at life.

Using fire as a tool to improve your life ...

Heeding its power...

Overcoming it's challenges...

And allowing it to teach you lessons...

Is how you benefit from walking on fire.

Once you are open and ready to give it a chance to work its way into your life by attending a fire walk seminar, you'll learn the lessons that fire can teach you...

Particularly the act of respect by asking the fire when it's ready for you to cross. 

Applying this same reverence and respect to your life by asking when “to cross over" obstacles allows you greater expansion and wisdom in any area in your life.

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