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Fire Walk Motivational Seminars
Are They Worthwhile?


Fire walk motivational seminars have been around for awhile.  Before I did one, I never thought I'd actually have the courage or that I even needed to do such an event.  However, now...

That I've done one, I'll let you in on whether or not they're worthwhile. 

Fire Walk Motivational Seminars

One of the most difficult, yet most exhilarating, methods of enlisting positive thinking is through fire walking. 

It's the ultimate challenge in courage and determination because...

Either you step up or you don't...

Either you get to the other side, or you don't even start...

Either you're brave enough and focused enough, or you're too scared and doubtful.

It teaches you to tap into a certain mindset to “get to the other side” much the same as positive thinking.  Only this time, you've got to focus correctly or you'll get burned.

Fire Walk Motivational Seminars

Now you may be saying, “Uh, Suzanne, who actually thought of this crazy idea in the first place?”

Well, walking on fire is a thousand-year old art that has been practiced as a ritual to determine the faith, mental and spiritual strength of a person.  It's also been used as initiation into elite circles... 

And shamans have been walking on fire in cultures all over the world.

Fire walking is also a process of transformation and empowerment...

It's like you “weathered the storm” and after walking on hot coals, you reach the other side as a different person.

But the main thing that it's been used for, which is my favorite reason, is that it acts as physical proof that you can triumph over an obstacle that was previously though "unsurpassable."

Which parallels, of course, the “obstacles” we think are unsurpassable in our daily lives.

How Does It Feel to Walk On Hot Coals?

So, how does it feel to walk on hot coals?  There must be something special about it, right?

Yes, actually there is something very magical and special about the experience.

The feelings of exhilaration, release, ultimate success and achievement are very therapeutic.  My experience was very empowering and one that I'll never forget.

Fire walk motivational seminars actually give you the chance to feel the “heat” of the situation (or the conflict) and then learn to resolve the conflict within yourself, and move ahead to take that first step.

One of the best things about fire walk motivational seminars is that there's plenty of “support” around you to achieve this impossible task.  You see others doing it, so your mind starts accepting that it's possible and before you know it, you too are walking on fire.

There are many benefits to why some “like it hot,” but overall the sense of power and control you feel over your life is incredible because you just did something that your mind perceived as impossible.

But why, exactly, do fire walk motivational seminars “blow your mind?”

Well, remember when you were a kid and you were taught that fire burns...

That it's dangerous...

That you shouldn't play with fire or you'll get hurt?

Well, the ritual of walking on fire “blows” that concept open and transforms your thinking because you just overcame the “don't touch the fire or you'll get burned” conditioning so deeply ingrained in your psyche.

Firewalk seminars offer you the chance for change and transformation because you are overcoming such deeply seated conditioning.  This “scatters” your mental patterns and opens up your mind to new possibilities.

It sets into motion the thought that you can overcome any limitation you really set your heart, mind and soul onto conquering.

Fire walk motivational seminars help you tap into your internal power in such a deeply “primitive” way, that you feel “on fire” to pursue your passions, dreams and talents that have been suppressed for so long.

Once you find this “internal power,” it's available when you have conflict in your daily life.

Fire Walk Motivational Seminars
Other Activities

Attending fire walk motivational seminars are definitely worthwhile.  Besides firewalking, some seminars or conferences offer other ways to “break” mental patterns such as breaking an arrow with the soft portion of your neck (which personally made for a huge breakthrough in my own physical sense of power) or bending steel rods with your neck.

I know it sounds crazy, but it's very empowering to do physical things such as these that you once thought were impossible.

Fire Walk Motivational Seminars

Firewalk seminars are a fabulous way to treat yourself to some “heavy duty” personal development.
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