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Example Personal Development Plan
Setting Intention & Taking Inventory


This example personal development plan helps you set intention and take inventory of where you are as you start your plan, both of which are vital elements of your success.

Setting your “intention” for your personal development plan does two things:
  1. It identifies, both to you and “The Universe,” what you want to accomplish.

  2. It keeps the “big picture” in mind so you stay on course through the ups and downs of pursuing your personal development plan.
Taking inventory of where you are when you start is also an important part of a plan because...

It gives you “benchmarks” to see how far you've progressed.

An example of how this benchmark works is that you would fill out this form as a preliminary task to doing your plan, as a general overview. 

Then as you progress through your personal development plan, you revisit it, see what's changed, see what hasn't changed, and make modifications to your plan accordingly.

For example, let's say at the outset you wanted to lose 25 pounds by Christmas (and it's February) so that's 2.5 pounds per month, so you enter that into your “initial” inventory.

Then July rolls around, by which time you should have lost 12.5 pounds and be half way there, but you've only lost 9 pounds...

So, you make changes to your plan accordingly...

Increase exercise...

Decrease evening meal size, and so on.

So, all a personal development plan really does is “keeps you on track and focused.”  Otherwise, it's easy to get distracted, side-tracked and forget about your goals.

Example Personal Development Plan

Personal development is an on-going process during your life, whether you are conscious of the process or not...

Because you're constantly changing and adapting to your environment – whether negative or positive.

Which means you are “developing” yourself personally in either a negative or positive way...

Like being so stressed at work that you eat all day...

And gain a little unwanted weight because your body is adapting and changing to the stressful environment.

With a plan in place, however, you'll recognize the stress and do something “else” about it like meditation or exercise, etc.

So, most of the time, the term “personal development” refers to consciously developing yourself toward increased positivity...

And success!

Example Personal Development Plan


If you'd like a more detailed look at how to develop yourself and your personal development plan, download my free PDF personal development - life plan workbook which gives you a step-by-step process to follow, and...

Gives you detailed instructions on the steps with a personal development template that you can customize for yourself.

Example Personal Development Plan
Pre-plan Worksheet

Here is an excerpt from my workbook about setting intention and taking inventory as you start your plan (partially filled in with a hypothetical person in green.)


In this example personal development plan, I've provided a pre-plan worksheet below.

In each of these five main areas of your life, list one “big picture, ideal” change to make or goal to attain:

Ideal "Big Picture:"
Lots of energy, vitality and perfect weight.
Where Am I Now?
Low energy, depressed and overweight.
What can I accomplish toward this goal in 3 months?
Change my diet to eliminate carbs and take brain vitamins.

6 months?  Be exercising at least once a week.

12 months?  Lose 25 pounds
What will happen if I do nothing? I'll stay the same as I am now  :(
Big Picture: To have one loving/intimate relationship
Where Am I Now?  Isolated and alone.
Accomplish in 3 months?  Get out and join a gym to be around people -(OR)-
Take a relationship course to improve myself to attract a relationship.

6 months?  Have a date once a week - either platonic or romantic.

12 months?  Have a steady relationship - either platonic or romantic.
What will happen if I do nothing?  Remain alone and get bitter. :(
Big Picture:  To figure out why I'm here.
Where am I Now?  Surviving day to day without a clue as to what I want to do or any energy with which to find it.
Accomplish in 3 months?  Find a daily or weekly practice that allows me to go "within" to find answers.

6 months?

12 months?
What will happen if I do nothing?
Big Picture: To be able to live, work and play anywhere in the world while enjoying a career that I love.
Where am I Now?  Not making ends meet, overworking and feeling trapped.
Accomplish in 3 months?

6 months?

12 months?
What will happen if I do nothing?
Big Picture:  To be independent, secure and self sufficient, both financially and emotionally.
Where am I Now?  Only dreams I have are nightmares in my sleep!
Accomplish in 3 months?

6 months?

12 months?
What will happen if I do nothing?

If you're having a hard time filling in these blanks, I have a quick and simple exercise in my free PDF workbook that helps you get down to what's important and the rest of the hypothetical answers are filled in as well. 

Example Personal Development Plan

Ask yourself:  "What resources am I currently using as I start my plan?"

Activity When you use: Results I'm getting from this activity
Self-help books Daily:
Weekly: X
Keeps me motivated and encouraged.
Support group(s) x x
Online personal development program Daily Feeds me with encouragement on a daily basis.
Personal development seminars x x
Personal development coach Weekly Gives me an objective view of myself and support through my growth process.
Personal development conferences Bi-Annual Keeps me connected to the group and motivated to earn.
Meditation x x
Hypnosis x x
Subliminal cds Daily Keeps my subconscious programmed for success.
Brainwave cds Weekly Relaxes me when stressed or anxious and refreshes me to keep going.
Affirmations Daily Gives my mind something positive to think about.
Body work for emotional release Bi-monthly Gets rid of the tension I'm holding and opens my mind
Reiki x x
Cranial-sacral x x
Emotional Freedom Technique x x
Journaling Daily Allows me to check in and find answers.
Supplements 2x daily Has gotten me off of anti-depressants with better results.
Other x x
Other x x
Other x x

For the rest of the template, download my free PDF workbook, which also includes instructions and guidance for each section.

Example Personal Development Plan

Setting your intention and creating the “big picture” does a lot to ignite your internal powers...

As well as ignites the “powers of the Universe” - whether those “powers” are identified through religious prayer, meditation or whatever form you see as your source energy. 

Whether it's God answering your prayer or the Law of Attraction responding to your request, once you set your sights on something, your mind receives an answer.

And taking inventory of your available tools reminds you of what's already working, as well as gives you a “menu” of options to try as you go through your plan.

An example personal development plan is just a start.

For another example personal development plan, check out this article:

Personal Development Plan:  Four Key Things to Make it Work

Making your personal development plan actually work, instead of just being pushed back into a drawer, takes certain elements that are key...

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