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Evaluating A Personal Development Coach
5 Questions Make it Simple


checklistWhen evaluating a personal development coach, the key to success is simply asking these five questions and doing the exercise included for tuning in with...

Yourself to find the most important answer.

Let's take a look at the first four questions before I give you the fifth question (& exercise) for finding what you really want...

    1.    Is the personal development coach age
            appropriate for me with similar

While this appears to be a “straight-forward” question, let's look at why I'm asking you to consider this question first...

What you're really asking yourself is, “What level of life experience does this person have to share and can he/she relate to me?”

So, if you're 25, do you want someone your own age or someone older?

If you're 50 and going through mid-life issues, do you think a 25-year-old personal development coach is a good match for you?

This isn't to say that a 50-year-old can't learn something from a 25-year-old.  Of course it's possible, I've received a lot of benefit from speaking with younger gals...

But on a personal level when I need help, I generally go to mid-life women who are successfully aging and who have gone through “the change” because that's my phase of life...

And a 25-year-old coach simply may not be able to relate to that phase yet.

    2.    With what gender do you better connect?

Not to descriminate, but sometimes we just want a "man" to talk to or a "woman" to listen.  

Plainly speaking, do you think you can connect better with a man or a woman?  Do you feel safer and more understood by a man or a woman when you're looking for personal development help?

    3.    What unique services does this personal development
            coach offer and are they effective?

When evaluating a personal development coach, one of my favorite “filters” is whether or not he/she provides some kind of service that helps your process along...

Gives you tools to amplify your work...

And to “take action?”

By asking the “what unique services” question, you're really asking, “How can this personal development coach help me take action to make my desired change real?” 

I personally like hypnotherapy because it's a tangible “hands-on” method to make changes once the desired changes are identified.

    4.    Is the personal development coach certified or a member
            of any distinctive organizations?

While this is one of the more “basic” aspects of evaluating a personal development coach, many times it is still overlooked.

Does this person possess any credibility? 

Is what he/she offers real or is it just a “gimmick?”

    5.    How do I feel about talking to this
            person?  Do I feel heard, understood
            and validated?

If you are going to make progress, you'll need an environment where you remain open to express yourself and feel safe.  Asking this question is pivotal to your success.

And since asking this question is pivotal to your success, I've put a quick exercise here for your use when faced with evaluating a personal development coach:
  1. Set aside 5-10 minutes of quiet time.

  2. Find a quiet place where you will be undisturbed and can focus, somewhere that makes you feel great – like your favorite chair or area in the garden.

  3. Close your eyes and take two nice slow, deep breaths (be sure to read the rest of these instructions before closing your eyes!)

  4. Keep breathing softly and visualize yourself talking to the personal development coach that you are contemplating using.   You don't need to have had contact with him or her yet.  This is about tuning into your own wisdom.

  5. Briefly tell him/her how you feel about one thing you'd like to change.

  6. When you're done talking, sit quietly and see if you feel “heard and understood.”

  7. If you have two choices of coaches, do this for both and see if you have a stronger response to one or the other.

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Evaluating a personal development coach is a snap when you tune into asking yourself the right questions – yet keeping it simple and intuitive.

And if you're interested in finding out if I can help you, check out my Personal Development Help page.

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