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Emotional Intelligence Test
Is it Necessary and Valid?


An emotional intelligence test can serve different purposes. To improve emotional intelligence, many people start with assessing their emotional quotient, but this may be misleading....

Because of the way the emotional intelligence quiz was administered and/or scored.

It also may be inaccurate because of the inability for the test subject to be objective and give accurate answers.

What we'll discuss in this emotional intelligence article is whether or not taking an emotional intelligence assessment is critical to enhancing emotional intelligence and whether such a quiz is valid for use as a business employment requirement. 

I've also provided access to a free emotional intelligence test that also has a suggested approach for using it as a self development tool.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

What is emotional intelligence (also called EQ?)

Emotional intelligence is a separate way of measuring “intelligence” from the standard IQ (intelligence quotient) tests.  EQ tests measure something called “emotional quotient” and the more comprehensive tests actually give you a EQ number which relates to an emotional quotient scale which is similar to the IQ scale.

Here's a very simplified definition that gives you an overall idea about this subject:


Definition of Emotional Intelligence

While the above definition of emotional intelligence is accurate from a behavioral aspect, there is also a physical aspect which contributes to your understanding of how to improve emotional intelligence.

That physical aspect of enhancing emotional intelligence lies in how well two parts of your brain communicate with each other.

Within the emotional intelligence theory lies the conclusion that all your thought impulses enter the brain from your brain stem at the back of your head...

Which then travel to the front part of your brain to the rational part.

During this journey, the thought impulses have to travel through the emotional part of your brain and if you have not developed a strong “highway” of neural pathways from there to the rational brain, then you are caught up in emotions.

Enhancing emotional intelligence through behavioral changes such as “intellectually” asking yourself how you feel when you feel strong emotions creates more neural pathways, which then help your behaviors become more embedded, which is the best way to improve emotional intelligence.

Are Emotional Intelligence Tests Valid?

EQ tests vary from emotional intelligence free tests to professionally administered emotional intelligence assessments.  However, within all of these modes of establishing emotional quotient, there lies the test subject's ability to be objective.

For example, let's say that an emotional intelligence appraisal asks you how well you can “feel” other people's feelings when placed in a room and on the day that you take this emotional intelligence quiz, you are feeling insecure, shy or overall depressed about your ability to interact.

This “mood,” of course, can then skew your emotional intelligence skills results simply because you were not able to give an objective and consistent answer.

Does this invalidate the entire process?  No, but it's something that should be taken into consideration when taking any EQ tests, whether they are free or fee-based assessments.

To avoid this, it is a good idea to evaluate your emotional intelligence skills through a variety of tests or even taking the same free EQ test a few different times to get an “average temperature” of your emotional IQ.

Emotional Intelligence Role in Business

Today, the emotional intelligence role in business has become popular and, in fact, many companies are using EQ tests as a part of recruiting new team members.



While many businesses don't feel that assessing your emotional quotient is necessary, in the corporate world, if you want to get ahead, you may very well be subjected to taking a comprehensive emotional intelligence assessment.

What if you fail?  Does that mean that you won't get hired? While each company would have its own perimeters to answer that question, it would be reasonable to suspect that if a candidate is well qualified for the job, that the EQ test would only be a part of the overall hiring process and, hopefully, not the only determining factor.

Is it really necessary?  Since having high emotional intelligence skills is related a greater probability of having strong communication skills, if two candidates are identical in every way except the EQ factor, then it could be a tool used to “break the tie.” 

While this isn't necessarily “necessary,” it does add one more tool to the toolbox of selecting team members for the corporate world.

Emotional Intelligence Quiz

Okay, so here's a link to an article which has access to a free EQ test, as well as includes suggestions for using the emotional intelligence free test as a personal development tool.  Go ahead and take the test and come back when you're ready...

How to Improve Emotional Intelligence

Is an EQ test critical to improving your emotional intelligence skills?  Yes and no...

Yes, it gives you a starting place, especially if you use the questions as guidance as I suggested in my Free Emotional Intelligence Test article...

And no, you can work to improve your emotional intelligence skills simply by learning more about the subject in general, reading an emotional intelligence book, or finding more articles on emotional intelligence.

But, whether or you want to take an emotional intelligence test or are being asked to take one for corporate reasons, the best bet is to educate yourself about the subject in much broader terms than just relying on one isolated emotional intelligence appraisal to “label” your emotional quotient...

Because the best part about your emotional IQ is that it has a unique ability to be improved.

And one great way to improve emotional intelligence is through hypnosis.  It can help you gently shift your mind into accepting new behaviors.  And I've found a great resource for you on that.  Here's more about it..

relax-and-listen-to-hypnosis Here's a great hypnosis download that helps you increase your emotional intelligence, which helps you:

Get control over unhelpful emotional responses;

Understand your own emotional states and recognize other's emotional states in order to gain more influence over them.

Click here to check out this great hypnosis download.

And here's an another article that explains more about this great subject:

What is Emotional Intelligence and How Does it Relate to Positive Thinking?  “What is Emotional Intelligence” is a hot question today with so much emphasis on emotional intelligence in business and how it strongly affects our success at work.  But it also affects success...


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