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Emotional Intelligence Role in Business
vs. Using EQ at Home - Do They Overlap?


The emotional intelligence role in business is looked upon as the “way to get ahead.”  If you're already leading with emotional intelligence in the workplace, chances are you are already experiencing greater success than if you were leading with low emotional intelligence.

But what is emotional intelligence in business compared to examples of emotional intelligence at home, and do the two segments of life overlap when you are trying to combine emotional intelligence and leadership?

What is Emotional Intelligence?

What is Emotional Intelligence (also called EQ?)

So we're all on the same page as to the definition of emotional intelligence, you can define emotional intelligence as having the ability to be aware of your own emotions and manage them with great success, as well as being aware of the emotions of people around you and controlling their emotions when it comes to your relationships with them.

If you want a more in depth definition of emotional intelligence, click here to go to my, “What is Emotional Intelligence” article, which also gives you more links to more articles. 

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

When you're talking about leading with emotional intelligence, whether it is in business or at home, you'll want to make sure your emotional intelligence skills are top notch as well as spend time improving your EQ skills each day.

To do this, let's first talk about whether or not to take an emotional intelligence assessment.

Free Emotional Intelligence Test vs. Paid Assessment

A good place to start is by taking a free emotional intelligence test.  Here's one that is fast and easy that will open in a new window so you don't lose your place here:


Now, I know some people do not give much credence to “cosmo-like” tests such as this, especially when you factor in your ability to be objective and give accurate and objective answers.

But, no matter what your “score” is on this emotional intelligence free test, you've already learned more about yourself just by taking it, which is one of the basics of learning how to improve emotional intelligence.

In fact, I should tell you that there are four areas which most people agree upon that make up the components of emotional intelligence:
  1. Self awareness
  2. Self management
  3. Social awareness
  4. Relationship management
So, by taking this first emotional intelligence free test, you've already ventured into greater self awareness and can “check off” number one on the list... well, as far as the test goes.

Paid Emotional Intelligence Assessment

If you're pretty serious about leading with emotional intelligence (and your company strongly advocates emotional intelligence in the workplace,) you may want to consider finding a good emotional intelligence assessment which is a fee-based service.

Of course, when you pay for something instead of receiving it for free, you tend to give it more credibility.  A fee-based emotional intelligence assessment should also be more comprehensive than the “cosmo-like” free emotional intelligence test that you just took.

Is emotional intelligence important enough to have a paid assessment done?  If you value the connection between emotional intelligence and leadership, your answer is an easy, “yes.”

If you're anxious that your test results would be a “fatality” to your career, don't worry because emotional IQ has been proven to have the ability to get better with practice, and...

If you're not so certain about the whole emotional intelligence theory anyway but it's being pushed on you by your company, perhaps we can explore some easier ways to get started right here and now.

How to Improve Emotional Intelligence

First thing to remember when learning how to improve emotional intelligence is that the more you do it, the more your brain changes to make the skills inside of you stronger and easier to use.

I'll sum this up by saying that when you are able to continually connect your rational thinking with how your emotions feel, you've mastered the basic formula for improving emotional intelligence within your brain because you've built the neural structure/connections between your emotional brain (which feels) and your rational brain (which thinks.)

Once you physically build these new neural pathways, communication between these two brains becomes faster and gets easier...

And you do this by continually asking yourself, “How do I feel about..?”

While this may seem rather simple when whole leagues of people are talking about how to improve emotional intelligence through drawn out seminars and workshops...

The bottom line is to simply connect more with your feelings and rationally think them through.  Once you can do this, you have:
  1. Identified your emotions by becoming more self aware; and
  2. Managed your emotions by rationally thinking them through to resolve.
Another great way to improve emotional intelligence is to use a hypnosis download to help shift your mind into changing for the better.  Here's the link for a great hypnosis download that helps you improve your emotional intelligence...

Emotional Intelligence in Corporate Business

Now, I now you're probably thinking that there's some conflict going on here when talking in “corporate terms” because no one's supposed to “feel anything” in the stark, cold corporate environment....

Let alone talk about their feelings, right?


But that doesn't mean that you can't apply the emotional intelligence role in business for yourself by sitting down at lunch time and journal out your thoughts to gain a deeper connection with yourself?

Could this be viewed as radical?  Yes. 

Could it help you work through those feelings of “being radical?”  Yes.

Could it perhaps inspire a co-worker to “look within” which results in a better work relationship with that person?  Yes!

Is emotional intelligence important enough to do this?  Yes!

When I've been in the “corporate environment” and have been journaling at lunch, I've had all kinds of reactions, which were mostly positive...

One co-worker was reminded of the value of journaling...

Another was intrigued by the ability to “unload” my thoughts and free myself...

And another was inspired to make changes happen - for the positive!

Emotional IQ

No matter what your emotional IQ is at the outset, you can improve it simply by doing a few simple things:
  1. When you feel strong emotions – especially when leading with emotional intelligence – stop, take a breath and ask yourself how you “rationally” feel about that emotion before you react emotionally.

  2. Once you have the ability to “temper” your emotional reactions, you can then control your relationships – whether at work or at home.

  3. Because you can identify your emotions and manage them within yourself, you are better able to control your emotional responses with your relationships, which “dissipates” the other person's strong emotional reactions – thus you've controlled the other person's emotions at that particular moment.

  4. When you are leading with emotional intelligence in these simple fashions, you are teaching others around you, both at work and at home, how to improve emotional intelligence simply by being a role model for them.
When you make a commitment to improving your own EQ, you have also launched into a better way of leading with emotional intelligence in business or elsewhere.

relax-and-listen-to-hypnosis If you know the value of hypnosis, you'll know that it's a great tool for improving your emotional intelliigence when you find the right resource.  

I've found great hypnosis download that helps you increase your emotional intelligence by: 

Helping you obtain control over "not-so-good" emotional responses;

Helping you identify your own emotions and reactions in relationships with others.

Click here to check out this great hypnosis resource.

And here's an another article that explains more about EQ as well as links to another article about the emotional intelligence role in business:

What is Emotional Intelligence and How Does it Relate to Positive Thinking?  “What is Emotional Intelligence” is a hot question today with so much emphasis on emotional intelligence in business and how it strongly affects our success at work.  But it also affects success...


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