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Emotional Intelligence in Business
Why and How To Lead with High EQ


Emotional Intelligence in business today is a hot item, but how do you apply a high level of emotional IQ to success and what aspects are important when talking business?  Let's take a look...

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence (also called EQ) is the ability to be aware of your own emotions and manage them effectively internally, as well as having the ability to become aware of the emotions of people around you and manage your emotions within those relationships.

There is also one more aspect of managing your emotions within relationships and that is having the ability to control the other person's emotions – to some degree – as well.

So, how do you “control others' emotions,” especially when you're talking about using emotional intelligence in the workplace and are confined to certain perimeters?

Well, it certainly is easier said than done, but it can be done, especially if you're leading with emotional intelligence and are in a position of authority.

I've written an article entitled, “What is Emotional Intelligence and How Does it Relate to Positive Thinking?”  So you have a better overall understanding of Emotional IQ, click here to read that article, then click the back button and I'll be waiting for you here...

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Leading with emotional intelligence as a tool in your toolbox can get you much further than if you did not use this field of study to your advantage...

But, I hear you saying that you've heard the rumor that many high level executives have very low emotional intelligence scores, right?  I've heard this one too, and it seems to be true...

But, think what those people could have achieved with high levels of EQ and how many “bridges may not have gotten burned' on their trail to success!

The fact is that the emotional intelligence role in business – and in life – has been proven to give more successful results than having low emotional intelligence.

But, how exactly does this make emotional intelligence important if you can also achieve success without it?

Could you be happier as you move up the ranks of success because you have a greater connection with yourself and people around you?

Could you have better relationships which catapult your “already successful” successes?

Could you find a greater peace inside of yourself from living a full and rich life because you are able to use more of your brain's resources to make your life fuller and richer?

If you answered, “yes,” you've answered why emotional intelligence is important to your life, both at work and at home.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

With emotional intelligence in corporate business today, if you want to lead with emotional IQ, you'll want to know a simple concept...

That concept is, “To treat your team as a whole entity, rather than a group of separate people.”

In this regard, emotional intelligence in the workplace can be divided into two categories:
  1. Individual pursuit of learning how to improve emotional intelligence; and
  2. Team application of the EQ principles that individuals use.
Thus, when you're leading with emotional intelligence, you'll want to do two things...

First, you'll want to encourage your employees and staff to individually pursue how to improve emotional intelligence through emotional intelligence seminars, and...

Secondly, you'll want to view your team as a “whole entity” that has emotions and feelings of its own, which can either enhance productivity or decrease productivity.

Examples of Emotional Intelligence

One of the best examples of emotional intelligence in this regard is:

Your team has been working long and hard on a project, only to get it “axed” from the “powers that be” from above.  Even if there are mixed emotions within the individuals on the team, the “team's emotion” is discouragement and from that comes low morale, which fosters even more low morale...

Which could eventually draw the “positive people” down too.

When leading with emotional intelligence, you should be able to:
  1. Tap into and identify the team's predominant emotion;

  2. Tactfully ask how the “team” feels;

  3. Control the team's emotion through better awareness and communication; and

  4. Enhance the team's relationships within itself and outside of itself through proactive measures.
And with that last suggestion, when you focus not only on improving relationships within the team, but also outside of the team, if the team's relationship with the “powers that be” is healthy, the next time the axe falls, it may be on the other team, whose leader has low emotional intelligence!

Business Owners Need Emotional Intelligence

Is emotional intelligence important outside of the corporate world?


Business owners need emotional intelligence so they can keep the individuals in their company, as well as the teams in their company, communicating in positive and productive ways.

Low emotional intelligence in any part of any company can spread like a wild disease, so it's better to start leading with emotional intelligence now and take preventative measures for your company to stay healthy.

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership - Summary

In summary, when talking about emotional intelligence in business, especially with regard to emotional intelligence and leadership, the question really isn't, “Is Emotional Intelligence Important?”  Rather, the question should be, “How can I improve emotional intelligence sufficiently within myself and my team to achieve the successes that we deserve?

When you start asking questions about “how,” you're well on your way to improving your existing life, whether it is around emotional intelligence in corporate business, emotional intelligence in the workplace or leading with emotional intelligence in many facets of your life.

relax-and-listen-to-hypnosis Great resource for you:  Check out this great hypnosis download that helps you improve your emotional intelligence skills.   

Allows you to get control over unhelpful emotional responses;

Helps you understand your own emotional states and recognize others' emotions.

Click here to check out this great hypnosis download.

And here's an another article that explains more about this great subject:

What is Emotional Intelligence and How Does it Relate to Positive Thinking?  “What is Emotional Intelligence” is a hot question today with so much emphasis on emotional intelligence in business and how it strongly affects our success at work.  But it also affects success...


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