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Top Effects of Positive Thinking:
Health, Wealth and Success


The effects of positive thinking overflow into many areas of our lives, but the three strongest effects are...

Based in the arenas of health, wealth and success.


Because these areas are so volatile and connected to our thought patterns.

But, first let's talk about health...

Can positive thinking affect health?

Yes, there are numerous health benefits of positive thinking.

Are the physical health effects of positive thinking the same as those health benefits of positive thinking?

Yes and no.

While the benefits of positive thinking permeate your entire life, the effects of positive thinking can be focused into the three areas of health, wealth and success.

Let's compare the two briefly before continuing:

The benefits of positive thinking overall give you better relationships, increased sense of hope, more energy and overall more enjoyment from life.

But when you study the effects of positive thinking closely, you'll find that positive thinking has an integral part in your health, your financial wealth and your success – both personally and professionally.

Let's take a closer look.


Thoughts have “signatures,” both chemically and vibrationally.

Chemical Signatures

There's a certain part of your brain that puts out different chemicals associated with different emotions...

So, anger, for example, looks different on a cellular level from "happy."

And your thoughts can also initiate chemical reactions within your body...

For example, your palms sweat when you're nervous because your “thoughts” are initiating your adrenaline reserves...

That's a chemical response from your body to your thoughts.

So, what if you continued to think “adrenaline” producing thoughts over and over again?

Would your body become “addicted” to that adrenaline rush?


This strongly suggests that one of the main effects of positive thinking is that you are affecting your chemical systems within your body...

In a positive way...

And I'd say that this is one of the strongest effects of positive thinking...

Because it gives you the power to control your body on a cellular level...

Moment by moment.

This is huge – despite the fact that your cells are so small – in affecting your health.

This also adds to the importance of positive thinking on a daily – even moment to moment – basis.

Your mind has incredible power over your body.

This gives the power of positive thinking the same incredible power over your body.

Think about it for a moment...

When you are thinking positively about your life, your body is “at rest...”

No adrenaline...

Heart is happy...

No stress hormones (like cortisol) running through your system (which make you sick and old!)

And if you can stay on this path of positive thinking long enough, your body will get “hooked on the feeling”...

Like that old 60's song, Hooked on a Feeling...

Your body knows the tune!

Your cells want more of the “happy” chemicals that are produced when you're thinking positive and your cells will help you stay positive so they get their “fix.”

It causes your body to become a main player in your mind, body, spirit, health balance.

I'd say this is one of the best effects of positive thinking...

But there are two more, so let's talk about the vibes our thoughts put out...


Vibrational Signatures

Your thoughts are also “vibrational.”

No, this isn't some “hippy-thing” I made up...

It's quantum physics.

There are studies today that “watch our thoughts” on monitors...

And there's a branch of psychology called “happiness psychology” that studies the effects of positive thinking and happiness and how positive thoughts affect different parts of our brain.

But let's get back to our vibrational discussion...

There are certain physical laws in our Universe – such as gravity – that command how things work.

One of these laws is the Law of Resonance or The Law of Attraction.

You've heard that birds of a feather flock together, right?

Well, the Universe must be part bird...

It likes to have “like" things put together.  It's very orderly that way...

Like a sewing cabinet with all the pins together...

Or the tool closet with all the wrenches lined up together in one drawer.

One of the major effects of positive thinking is that it initiates the Law of Attraction. 

This means that your “positive vibes” are attracting similar “positive vibes” specific to what you're thinking about at the moment.

For example, if you're thinking about how much money you already have, the Universal Law of Attraction sees your “tool closet” full of money and puts all the “money wrenches” in one drawer...

Your “money” drawer.

Like all the paper clips end up in the paper clip holder on your desk...

And all the clutter materializes around a cluttered area.

"Like" attracts "like."

When it comes to having wealth, people who are financially successful know how to use their thoughts to initiate the Law of Attraction.

And there are a multitude of books out there about the Law of Attraction...

But I've found the one secret to using it, and that is to physically simulate the vibration of having the money, or trust, or object that you desire.

Part of this is using your thoughts and part of it is bringing your thoughts into a physical situation.

But the bottom line here is that if you are vibrationally using your thoughts to attract wealth, you are experiencing one of the most powerful effects of positive thinking.


Success is more than financial.  It's more than having good health.  It's really about being happy and balanced.

What do I call being happy and balanced?

Using the effects of positive thinking to keep your body healthy as mentioned above under health (i.e., staying positive), keeps you calm and in control of your body's “stress chemical” output...

Using the power of positive thinking to initiate the Law of Attraction and focusing your thoughts on “happily” creating wealth, brings you financial security...

Which in turn helps your family, home life and overall relationships.

All of this brings balance, and balance brings happiness and...

Happiness and balance are the keys to success.


These are the three top effects of positive thinking and are well within your grasp.

Start by developing a positive attitude, step by step, and before you know it, you'll experience these three effects of positive thinking as well as many other benefits.

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