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Download Meditation Music
How to Choose the Best Meditation Downloads


It's easy to download meditation music, but there's such a vast variety, how do you choose the best meditation downloads to enhance your meditation?  Here's my favorite trick when choosing...

Download Mediitation Music

If you want to enhance your meditation, why not use a meditation music download that includes technology that helps you achieve a deeper state of meditation?  You know, where you're blissfully off “somewhere” with a strong sense of well-being? 

Maybe you already know how to meditate, or you're just learning meditation, so you're looking for a guided meditation mp3. Why not get the most out of your meditation downloads by doubling up their effect with a way to get into a deeper trance?

This is more possible now than ever before because technology has come up with guided meditation cds that use electronic frequencies to put your mind into light, medium or deep meditation states of mind. These different levels of meditation correspond to the different brainwave states of mind; i.e., the alpha state (light meditation); the theta state (medium meditation) and the delta state (deep, rejuvenating state of mind.)  By using a guided meditation mp3 or a guided meditation cd that synchronizes your brain to the theta state, for example, you can not only enjoy the meditation sounds, but receive all the mental and physical benefits of being in the theta state of mind, which include increased memory, focus and overall well-being.

Or, if you want to go deeper into the delta state where you have increased intuition, you could use a delta meditation mp3.  Either way, if you're going to download meditation music, this gives you options for taking your trance deeper.

To download meditation music that includes meditation mp3s with this technology, check out my electronic mind control article.  Click here to go there now...

Download Mediitation Music

In a nutshell, when you're meditating, your mind is usually in the alpha, theta or delta brainwave frequencies, depending how good you are at maintaining your meditation.  Here is a chart that shows the different brainwave states:

brainwave frequencies

Most people spend most of their time in the beta state, which is associated with many negative emotions and is the main reason many of us seek meditation downloads, particularly ones with soothing meditation music.

A guided meditation mp3 that gently “guides” your mind down the spectrum is well worth investigating if you're serious about getting the most out of your meditation downloads.  

In fact, if you want to get the most out of your meditation downloads, watch this video that tells you how you can "Meditate Like a Monk" instantly with a certain type of meditation audio:


Download Mediitation Music

Since brainwave entrainment technology is my top choice to include in any meditation music download because it's so effective and efficient, I've put together a guided meditation mp3 set of these types of brainwaves meditations.  The set includes an alpha meditation mp3, a theta meditation mp3 and a delta meditation mp3, each performing different functions for your meditations.  Click here to check out the set and enhance your meditation, or get your “meditation wagon wheels” rolling.

Download Mediitation Music

When choosing meditation downloads and the best choice to download meditation music, my top choice is to include brainwave entrainment so you can get the most out of your meditations.

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