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Do Affirmations Work?
Effective Affirmation Techniques

Do affirmations work or are they just a placebo effect?  Whether they are a placebo effect or not, the power of positive affirmations has been scientifically proven, yet many of us can't...

Seem to get them to work consistently.  Is that because they don't work, or is that because we are not using effective affirmation techniques to make them work?

Daily Affirmations

In the world of positive thinking, practicing daily affirmations is an effective technique that makes change happen within your subconscious mind (which is the area of your brain that motivates your behaviors.)

Doing daily affirmations correctly, however, means more than simply repeating one phrase over and over again like a robot, which is how many people practice daily affirmations.

Thus, when many people start down the positive thinking path and start using affirmations and declarations without the proper visualization and emotions, they are soon disappointed with their endeavor and blame the “affirmations” for not working.

Words of Affirmation

Words of affirmation are only the beginning tool to making affirmations work.  The second thing you need to do is to visualize your affirmation coming true in this physical reality.

An effective affirmation also includes the ability to “feel the emotion” of the affirmation having come true as well.

Why is this important?  Simply because if you want to “talk” to your subconscious to make change occur, you've got to “talk its language,” and its language is visually and emotionally based.

Making Affirmations Work

It's also very important how you state your desires when you create your own affirmations. 

Many times, people use inappropriate words like, “don't” or “not.”  Affirmations examples that follow this line of writing would be:  “I don't want to eat” or “I'm not hungry.”

If you take out the words “don't” and “not,” you'll find that you're telling yourself, “I want to eat” and I'm hungry.”

This is because your mind doesn't hear words like “don't.”

Since I've already explained this phenomenon in my article, “Writing Affirmations, Be Careful What You Put In Your Brain,” go ahead and click here to go to that article now so you understand this significant point.  When you're done, click the back button and I'll be here waiting for you.

Affirmation Techniques

So far, we've discussed that it's important to do more than just recite a phrase over and over again as well as be sure you are writing positive affirmations correctly.

There's one more ingredient to practicing an effective affirmation and that is to consistently recite it with visualization and emotion.

When you can keep your daily affirmations in front of your mind long enough, you are making affirmations work in a way that your mind can absorb.

You also want to be sure you are finding the negative beliefs inside of yourself that you want to change so when you are writing affirmations, they can truly ignite the power of positive thinking.

Guide to Affirmations

If you're new to the whole affirmation game, you might want to check out my “How to Change Your Beliefs” program which teaches you how to find your deeply held negative beliefs, flip them into positive affirmations and then plug them into an easy to use self hypnosis method that I've developed.  Click here to check out this great program...

The Power of Positive Affirmations

The power of positive affirmations has been proven to work because it has shown whatever you hold in front of your mind long enough, creates a “snapshot” of it within your subconscious, which is the area of your mind that controls your behaviors.

If you want to truly harness the power of positive affirmations, be sure to do more than just repeat your daily affirmations over and over again without any visualization or feelings attached to them.

And when you're writing positive affirmations, make sure they really are positive.

A great way to be sure you are writing affirmations correctly and getting started on the right foot with your affirmations
is to use my How to Change Your Beliefs program that helps you "root out" the limiting beliefs that are stopping your daily affirmations from working, and then teaches you to "flip" those thoughts into affirmations.

how-to-change-your-beliefsIf you want to write affirmations correctly and "do affirmations in your sleep,"check out my Change Your Beliefs Guided Imagery Meditation Program.

It effortlessly inputs positive affirmations all day and night through "invisible" subliminal recordings as well as has a PDF Quick Start Guide, PDF Workbook, and meditation mp3 audios.

Most importantly, it teaches you how to find your limiting beliefs that stop your daily affirmations from working.


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