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Depression Meditation
Best Meditation for Depression


Depression meditation is one of the best ways to overcome depression with only “positive side effects” like increased sense of well-being and lowered stress chemicals.  But how do you try to sit and focus on meditation when your brain is too exhausted and scattered to focus on anything?

This is the problem with trying to do mindfulness meditation for depression all by yourself.

Depression Meditation

First, let's quickly discuss the benefits of meditation and depression treatment.  While this isn't medical advice, this overview will help you understand how meditation treats depression.

It is widely known that meditation can be an excellent form of depression treatment because meditation done regularly enhances the body's ability to maintain a more positive mental state.  Why is this so?  Because as a part of the meditation process, your brain is “shifted” into a more relaxed state of mind and “breaks the cycle” of your “depressed” brainwave state.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so let's take a quick look at this chart that illustrates how our minds regulate how we act and why meditation is one of the best ways to overcome depression.

brainwave frequencies

As you can see, having your mind in the beta state contributes to depression and other negative emotions like paranoia and fear and is where your mind gets into that “burned out, exhausted” mode.

Sadly, with today's social pressures, most people spend most of their time in the beta state of mind, which is why depression and other “negative” emotions like anger are so wide spread.

Depression Meditation

When you do meditation, you slow your brainwaves down to alpha, theta or delta.  When you do meditation for depression and get your brainwaves into the routine of being in the alpha, theta or delta states, you can break the cycle of depression that your “beta” mind is encouraging.  This allows your mind to relax.  Once your mind is able to relax, it can start to renew.

Depression Meditation

One of the best ways to overcome depression when you're starting out doing meditation for depression, is to use a daily depression meditation that includes either hypnosis or brainwave entrainment, or both, that gently shifts your brain down into alpha, theta or delta brainwaves so you can experience more inner peace right away.

This is more desirable and effective than trying to sit, breathe and focus your already exhausted brain into learning meditation, especially when learning anything is so difficult when you're depressed!

When you use a daily depression meditation that contains hypnosis or brainwave entrainment, you're giving yourself the source of easy meditation techniques to use when you're too depressed to “think” about learning meditation.  Instead, you are relying on today's technology to do the  “meditation work” for you.

Depression Meditation

So, now that you know why meditation is the one of the best ways to overcome depression and that you can use technology to make these benefits available to you even when you're too stressed and tired to focus, you'll want to decide on the right guided meditation mp3 or guided meditation cd for you.

So, I've got a couple of recommendations for you.  First, if you want to break the cycle of depression, I like a simple depression treatment that helps you come out of depression and feel good about your future, which is a great first step when you're so depressed that nothing sounds good at all. Click here to check out how to come out of depression with this affordable cd...

I can also recommend a whole depression recovery program that helps you understand depression and walks you through step-by-step on how to recover from depression.  It also includes the cd I just mentioned above that helps you break the cycle of depression.  Click here to find out more about the entire depression recovery program...

Another one of the best ways to overcome depression is to use a brainwave meditation audio that synchronizes your brain to either the alpha, theta or delta brainwave states.  My recommendation is to start with an alpha meditation mp3, and then move down to a theta meditation cd.  You can also use a delta meditation mp3 to help you get to sleep at night. Click here to read more about how these meditation audios work, as well as find these meditation mp3s that I recommend.   


Using a daily depression meditation that includes hypnosis and/or brainwave entrainment that helps your brain “break the cycle” of depression is one of the best ways to overcome depression because you are relying on today's technology to “prod” you through the meditation, rather than relying on your overly-tired mind to focus enough to try to find mindfulness meditation for depression all by yourself.

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