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Definition of Positive Attitude:
Using it to Your Advantage


The definition of positive attitude means different things to different people.  Here we discuss how to use it to...

Your best advantage!

There are many places on the Internet to find "dictionary-type" terms.  If that's a necessary part of your visit, here's a quick rundown of a couple of those sites:

According to Wikipedia, "An attitude is a hypothetical construct that represents an individual's degree of like or dislike for an item."

And according to Answers.com, attitude has two different meanings.  One that has to do with a physical position of the body, and the other about our state of mind:

"A position of the body or manner of carrying oneself: stood in a graceful attitude. See synonyms at posture.

   1. A state of mind or a feeling; disposition: had a positive attitude about work.

   2. An arrogant or hostile state of mind or disposition."

What I find interesting about Answers.com "answer" is that it connects our bodies to the term "attitude" which I think is appropriate...

After all, when your attitude is "high" aren't your shoulders pulled back and your posture upright?

And when you're depressed or worried, perhaps your posture is also "low?"

While both of these sources academically answer the question, "What is Attitude?" they leave out how to use a positive attitude to your full advantage...

So that's where we come in... 

For our purposes, using the true definition of positive attitude to your advantage means giving yourself more power and motivation than ever before...

It means using all the tips and knowledge you can find about positive attitude...

Which in turn puts you on the road to developing a positive attitude.

To make a difference in your life, it means to stop negative thinking in its tracks, and start overcoming negativity in your life...

Inch by inch.

Yes, this can be a little difficult to start, but it's achievable.

Why should you do it?
  • For yourself to feel mentally and emotionally better - lighter
  • For the people around you as inspiration to them
  • For your health and personal achievement
So now you're saying, "But I think I am positive!"  Let's see if your definition of positive attitude is the same as ours...

How to take the definition of positive attitude and use it to your advantage?

Using the Definition of Positive Attitude to Your Advantage:

One of the key components to having a positive attitude is to have an attitude of gratitude...

Learn to be grateful all the time.

Being grateful for all the things you have right now, instead of being angry about all the things you don't have, keeps your "set point" to the "positive side of the coin."

Being grateful gets you more than never being satisfied...

And it is well known among successful people that gratitude is the key to prosperity. 

How does this relate to goals and ambitions?  It's good to have dreams and desires...

Just remember to be thankful for what you already have...

Because if you are never grateful or satisfied with what you have, you'll end up never being satisfied...

And then never being satisfied again...

And again!

And that's not what we're looking for when we're trying to use the true definition of have a positive attitude...

It's about being grateful.

One simple thought to maintain:  If you were your own "parent," would you want to give yourself more things because you appreciate everything you get...

Or would you feel like "what's the use" because everything you give yourself isn't enough?

That's the vibrational energy you're putting out "to the Universe" [whatever Universe is appropriate to you; i.e., your boss, your family, your friends, associates, dog..]

Positive actions from others are attracted by your positive mind...

And your positive energy is energized by being grateful.

Using the Definition of Positive Attitude to Your Advantage:

Sometimes you may think that you have a positive attitude, but there still may be the component of true self respect missing...

What do I mean by that?

Are you positive to everyone around you, but have a negative pattern of self talk?

Constantly negating yourself?

Words, whether spoken or unspoken, have a very strong and powerful effect on your self esteem, motivation and belief in your abilities.

Choose your thoughts and words carefully, as they determine the degree to which you'll achieve your potential and the quality of your life.

Stop dwelling on negative thoughts...

Stop putting yourself down...

You deserve to talk as nicely to yourself as you do to others.

Or in other words, just "stop it!"

This Bob Newhart video humorously makes my point...  

So if you have a habit of putting yourself down, either mentally or verbally [internally or externally]...

Stop it...

And think of this video to help you keep it "light" and fun.

Think of something positive about yourself instead. You become a product of what you spend your time thinking about...

So make your thoughts positive and directed toward what you want for yourself...

Your self respect, self esteem and confidence will soar!

Using the Definition of Positive Attitude to Your Advantage:

Maybe you are absolutely positive "inside and out..."

Meaning, you are grateful and talk nicely to yourself and others...

And you have lots of self respect!  

Okay, so how about the people around you...

How positive [or negative] are they?

Do they drag you down?

Make you feel like you've been through an energetic "battle?"

In a sense you have been...

Your energies collided and then you had to try harder to maintain a positive attitude.

If so, choose to stop spending time with negative people...

Choose to be around others who are positive and upbeat so their energy "rubs" off on you.

Did you notice I used the word "choose" twice?  

You have a choice, and I know it's hard sometimes to let go of those people who aren't quite as positive as you...

But you can insulate yourself...

Spend time immersed in positive books...

Watch positive movies and shows...

Come back here and watch Bob Newhart when you need a laugh - I do...

Give yourself as much positive input as you can to "offset" the negative influences in your life if you can't just leave the situation.

Using the Definition of Positive Attitude to Your Advantage:

When thinking about the definition of positive attitude, keep these suggestions in mind and you'll soon be using the definition of positive attitude to your advantage!

Check out this positive attitude article:

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Positive attitude tips come in many forms, but the most important ones are those that impact your life each day...


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