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Daily Affirmations:  When Is The Best Time To Do Them?


Daily affirmations become much more effective depending on the time of day they are done and how they are practiced.

In fact, they are the most powerful affirmations because the positive thoughts are inputted so regularly and consistently.

The words of affirmation that you use, how you practice your affirmation exercises as well as if you are connecting with your emotional intelligence all play a role in how successful you are with your daily positive affirmations...

And it's important to practice your daily affirmations in a way that works with how your brain is "wired," rather than just "shoving" thoughts down your subconscious mind's throat.

Here are two simple strategies that offer insight and practical tips for seamlessly integrating affirmations into your daily routine...
  • Time of day.
  • Emotional imprint
Best Times of Day For Your
Daily Affirmations

Let's first talk about the best time to practice your affirmation exercises.

Consider first, when you are most vulnerable to suggestion....

Sometime where your daily affirmations might glide in effortlessly.....

Maybe a time when you're not quite all here or all there...

You know, when you're not sure if you're wake or asleep...

Oops, I just gave it away, didn't I?

Yep, when you're falling to sleep and first waking up are the best times to plug in a daily affirmation.

Changing your state of consciousness from sleeping to waking,
which changes your brain waves from delta, through theta and up into alpha, eventually getting all the way to Beta (the most alert state) has shown to be effective in reprogramming the brain without being "censored."

What do I mean by "censored?"

Good question.

I mean a time when your "conscious" brain is busy either waking up or falling asleep...

oo busy to be "on guard" for what's being put into your subconscious. 

It's like the night watchman is on his rounds, but he left the front door wide open for "any ol' body" to wander inside. The guard isn't there to say, "Whoa, you positive thoughts, you guys don't belong here."

And why on earth would the guard even want to be a bouncer like that in the first place?

Well, the guard's "job" is to make sure you stay sane by living up to the internal picture you keep of yourself. And so when you decide you want to change your mind, you've got to do it in a subtle - “get past the guard way” - or you're going to have a fight.

That fight that we all know about...

You say: "I'm becoming thinner"

But the Guard retorts: "No, you're not. Who are you kidding. You're dreaming. It's never going to happen. Are you nuts?"

It's really asking, "Are You Going Nuts?"

Remember, that's its job.

So those really powerful affirmations you're all excited about - the ones that match exactly how you want to feel...

That have the exact words of affirmation for your new life...

That you think will help you cheer up...

Get invalidated every step of the way.

So then you try harder and say them over and over and over and over again....

Only to find that when you turn your daily affirmations into "medicine," that voice rears its head louder and says, "No, you can't shove that down my throat."

But that's exactly the self talk you're trying to change, right?

Well, your "self" is talking back, and it's not happy with what you're trying to put in there, is it?


What you want to do is take your affirmation of the day and gently glide it in at the right time...


how-to-change-your-beliefsIf you're having a hard time managing yor negative self talk, check out The Effective Positive Thinking Program.

It effortlessly inputs positive affirmations all day and night through "invisible" subliminal recordings and has brainwave meditations that help you absorb customized affirmations to stay positive.


The best way to do that is to listen to, read, or recite from memory your daily affirmations as you drop off to sleep and wake up in the morning. (Or during a nap too - that's my favorite time to put in a subliminal tape and listen to the whole thing while I sleep.)

If you have a CD player that plays a CD for a morning alarm...

You can set the alarm to play an affirmations CD as you wake up.

Then you're not engaging your conscious mind enough to remember to do your daily positive affirmations...

Remember, you don't want to be “all here” yet, so playing a CD is your best bet.

And if you wake up to the radio playing news every day, you may want to re-think all the "bad news" you're inputting while you're waking up.

This also goes for music.  After all, your subconscious hears those lyrics.  Whatever they're singing about is going straight into your head.  

Think of all media as hypnotic.

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Speak Your Brain's Language
By Emotionally Imprinting Thoughts

Okay, so now you're ready to do your affirmation exercises at the right times of day...

Now there's a second part to making your daily affirmations work, and that is to ignite the emotional part of the brain.

And this has a very good result if you want to simply cheer up because you're shifting your emotions and vibration at the same time.

This is what makes affirmations actually work versus repetitively saying positive phrases over and over and over and over again which just annoy your mind.

It's like a broken record.

Or worst yet, a "nagging spouse."

After awhile, your brain gets tired of fighting and just tunes it out as noise...

Meaningless noise!

There's no emotional feeling to the thought so the mind doesn't "get" it.

You see, the mind remembers things when there's an emotional attachment to the memory.

Like when you had a significant event in your life. You can remember a lot about it, right?

Versus, remembering the clothes you wore yesterday or the food you ate (unless you, of course, wore an outfit that had an emotional attachment to it like making you feel sexy or young or THIN. The same goes for the meal. If your emotions were ignited during the meal, odds are that you'll remember it better.)

And, by the way, have you ever considered that by watching TV, reading the newspaper or listening to the news while you eat, you may also be "digesting" bad news into your body and associating it with the food you just ate?

Yes, I hear you say, "Oh, I don't react to the news, it's just news!"

Are you sure you aren't emotionally reacting to that news, even on an unconscious level?

And could your body "associate" that "bad news feeling" with that same food the next time you eat it and become allergic?

Even if it didn't happen directly to you, according to positive psychology studies, when you see something happening to someone else, your mind associates it with you.  It can't differentiate.

So, as far as your body knows, it could have just experienced that trauma you saw on the news

I know it sounds crazy, but it made sense to me when an allergic eliminist told me how we associate food with traumas when they're experienced together.

So how do you "emotionally tag" your daily affirmations so they turn into more powerful affirmations?


You use creative visualization and some effective positive thinking exercises.

Visualization creates emotions
and emotions make thoughts memorable.

The effectiveness of creative visualization became very apparent to me when I taught acting...

And it's easy and fun to do.

Whether you're new at it or have done creative visualization forever, check out that page by clicking here.

Daily affirmations are nothing more than retraining your mind with the positive thoughts that you intentionally want to program into your mind.

Using the "window of opportunity" when your consciousness passes through the more receptive states of theta/alpha (from alpha to theta going to sleep and from theta to alpha waking up), you can "sneak" positive thoughts past the guard and increase the effectiveness of your daily affirmations.

Adding the emotional tag triggers a stronger response in your mind to retaining and using the information.

Any time of day is a good time to practice affirmation exercises, however, waking up and going to sleep are the best times.

And while you sleep, of course, is the easiest way to do daily positive affirmations.

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I've also covered some good ways to invoke emotions on the creative visualization page.:

Is Creative Visualization a Form of Hypnosis?
Creative visualization is the key to successful positive thinking because it uses positive visualization to “talk” to the subconscious mind the same way hypnosis does...


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