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Components of Emotional Intelligence
Are There 3, 4 or 5 of Them?


The components of emotional intelligence vary throughout the many articles on emotional intelligence that are found when looking to define emotional intelligence.  But it really boils down...

To all the same emotional intelligence theory which is best defined by O'Neill:


Now that you have a summarization that answers the question, “What is emotional intelligence?” let's breakdown the various components of emotional intelligence to get a clearer picture and understanding.

Definition of Emotional Intelligence

According to Wikipedia, the definition of emotional intelligence is:  

According to the World English Dictionary, the emotional intelligence theory is boiled down to:  

And according to many other articles on emotional intelligence that I found, the emotional intelligence theory actually can have 3, 4 or 5 elements, all of which include:

Self-management or managing of your emotions
Self-discipline or motivation to make change
Ability to feel others' emotions
Managing your social skills to interact and managing others' emotions around you.

Emotional Intelligence Review

So, let's quickly do an emotional intelligence review of the elements that I've just described above and how they relate to being able to improve emotional intelligence:

SELF-AWARENESS:  Whenever you want to make change, whether it is in the realm of emotional intelligence or other personal development area, your first step is to increase your awareness of “who you are” and what drives or motivates you.

If you want to improve emotional intelligence then, your first step in developing greater self-awareness could be to spend time alone with yourself and your thoughts doing such activities as journaling or walking in nature.  Both of these activities can allow internally “pent up” feelings to surface in gentle, non-threatening ways.

SELF-MANAGEMENT OR MANAGEMENT OF YOUR EMOTIONS:  If you want to improve emotional intelligence and have been able to increase your self-awareness, then your next step is to figure out how you can manage your emotions as they surface. 

Will you deny and avoid them?

Or, can you "look them in the eye" and integrate them into your life?

Can you use your emotions as guidance to increase your happiness in life?

If you are into the Law of Attraction, you'll know that it is critical to manage your emotions and integrate them within your conscious mind if you want to manifest anything good in your life.

SELF-DISCIPLINE OR MOTIVATION TO MAKE CHANGE:  One of the key components to improving emotional intelligence is simply having the discipline to make your life work the way you want it to work.

This concept lies at the heart of answering, “What is Emotional Intelligence” simply because many people who have been rated as having high levels of emotional intelligence clearly are able to delay gratification and have the drive to succeed...

They have the self-discipline to “override” their emotional impulses and act in a logical, yet emotionally connected way.

ABILITY TO FEEL OTHERS' EMOTIONS:  When doing a complete emotional intelligence appraisal, you also want to take into consideration your ability to perceive the emotions of others around you.

This is a key element when using emotional intelligence in business if you manage people.  In fact, if you are trying to use emotional intelligence in the workplace, research shows that you are more likely to succeed if you can successfully integrate it into your work mindset.

But, whether you are working with emotional intelligence in business or not, your entire life can benefit by perceiving the emotions of others around you so you can stay in tune with each situation.

MANAGING YOUR SOCIAL SKILL TO INTERACT WELL AND MANAGING OTHERS' EMOTIONS AROUND YOU:   When working with emotional intelligence, it is important to understand that if you want to improve emotional intelligence, you want to increase your ability to manage your social interactions, which, in turn, manages others' emotions around you.

How?  If you have low emotional intelligence, for example, you are more prone to react defensively to a confrontation, which intensifies the conflict. 

On the other hand, if you have high emotional intelligence, you can stay in charge of your emotions enough to diffuse the situation and act in an emotionally-connected, yet rational manner, which lessens the conflict.

Emotional Intelligence Review Summary

Although “academically” there are many components of emotional intelligence, if you want to improve emotional intelligence, the best way is to summarize the emotional intelligence theory as:

“Having the ability to listen to your instincts, while still having the ability to integrate these feelings with your rational mind so you can control and direct your life in an emotionally sound, yet logical fashion.”  ~Suzanne Glover

I hope you've learned more about the components of emotional intelligence and how to simplify the emotional intelligence theory through this emotional intelligence article.

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And here's an another article that explains more about this great subject:

What is Emotional Intelligence and How Does it Relate to Positive Thinking?  “What is Emotional Intelligence” is a hot question today with so much emphasis on emotional intelligence in business and how it strongly affects our success at work.  But it also affects success...


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