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Career Change at Middle Age Can
Be Fun & Rewarding - Top 10 Benefits


Career change at middle age makes you both youthful and energized.  Discover other benefits in this midlife career change article...

That gives you hope and inspiration that you can make a change in your life.

Career Change at Middle Age

When you're getting right past your thirties and entering another phase in your life – the middle age – you're probably finding yourself thinking of changing to a more rewarding second career...

Or you might also be considering starting your own business.  

This is a good sign for you because more and more people in their 30's to 60's today are pursuing careers they love.

You're probably wondering what you'll do with the rest of your life, especially if you've become tired of just being an employee...

Who could lose your job at the “snap of a finger!”

You may desperately want change, but are asking yourself, “Will it be difficult to find something else at my age?”

Since you spend so much of your time working, it's natural to want a change.  And while pursing a career change midlife, you'll be more open to the “impossible.” 

Like,making six figures, but only working part time.  Can that be done?

People do it...

People “without degrees” do it...

But unless you're “out there” shaking things up with a midlife career change, you'll never be exposed to ideas that are “impossible within the corporate structure."

It's never too late to do anything in life...

Well, until you're six feet under.  Then it's too late...

And at “middle age” we all feel that clock ticking!

So, now's the best time ever to make a career change at middle age... 

Career Change at Middle Age
Top Benefits

Making a career change at middle age can be as fun and as rewarding as when you were just starting out on your first career.

Here's why:
  1. "Re-birth:" A midlife career change gives you the chance to break free from a dissatisfying job. It opens new horizons which lead you to a career “re-birth,” which is invigorating, stimulating and, just plain great! 

    In other words, change brings new growth and excitement into your life, especially when you find your passion and pursue it.
  2. Youthfulness:  A career change midlife can make you feel “young again” because you have more vitality and energy from making the change.

  3. Control:  A midlife career change gives you an opportunity to live life on “your own terms.”

    Your values have changed since you began your first career, so it's time to change your “outer world” to reflect your “inner world” of new values.

  4. Financial Independence:  A career change midlife allows you to use your life experience to start your own business. 

    Take control of your own destiny instead of holding onto an unsatisfying job that could be “cut back” at any moment.  With this change, you realize that you are earning more now that you used to earn when you were working for someone else.

  5. Autonomy:  Besides financial gain, a career change at middle age gives you the satisfaction of being your own boss and not answering to anyone else. 

    This is probably one of the best benefits of a career change at middle age.

  6. Integration of Experience.  Having 20+ years of career experience that you didn't have in your first career gives you an edge in finding what's right for you.

    You're wiser and smarter now and can leverage your experiences acquired over the last 20 years. This can give you exponential results.

  7. Dream Fulfillment:  A midlife career change gives you the chance to pursue your childhood dreams.

  8. Confidence & Power:  A career change at middle age increases you confidence many times over. 

    It lets you leave a dead-end job with a company that has failed to recognize your potential and lets you “shake things” up.  When you do, your confidence and internal power blossom.

  9. Balance:  A career change midlife always brings more work-life balance because your values are more balanced than they were when you were 20. 

    Pulling an “all-night-er” now doesn't make sense like it did when you were young.  You know how damaging it is for you. So, you remodel your priorities and find a career that has more balance.

  10. Hope:  A midlife career change gives you hope for the future, instead of stress and worry.  Because you have more power and control over your career life, and the rest of you life feels the “vibes” and responds with hope.
One way to keep your career change endeavor “fun” is to keep it “positive.” 

Staying positive through the ups and downs of making change accelerates your progress many times over.

Career Change at Middle Age

As you can see, making a career change at middle age can be fun, rewarding and make you more youthful and attractive from having more confidence, energy and success!

For more information on career changes during middle age, be sure to check out this other midlife career change article:

Midlife Career Change: Get Positive & Earn Six Figure Income  A midlife career change is a perfect time to pursue a more positive career.  Your choices, however, are limited with the downturn of the economy.  So, how do you expand yourself and still make money?


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