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Career Change after 40
Top Reasons Why People Change
Do You Fit?


Making a career change after 40 is a snap if you know you “fit the mold” and follow what others have done before you.

But you may be wondering if you're just restless or if you're really wanting a change, and all the "positive thinking in the world" isn't helping right now!

Relax... If you're in your 40's, a midlife career change is a very common thing.  If you're like most people your age, you're looking back and realizing how hard you've worked “for someone else...”

And that your work is void of growth and development.  So, of course, you're feeling the desire to take on a new career.

What makes you different now is that you're no longer that “impulsive” young person you used to be, so you don't feel comfortable “taking the bull by the horns and just doing it.”

You may also have children (with college tuitions looming overhead), so you're ready to spend more time with your family – before they wander off to college – rather than take on a 50+ hour work week.

Career Change After 40
Do I fit?

Why do many people change their lives with a career change after 40?

Let's take a look at the common reasons people make a career change after 40.  Do you fit these questions:

FINANCIAL:  “Do I need to make a career change in order to keep up with economic or family changes - like sending the kids off to college?”

IDENTITY:  “Have I outgrown my present job's identity?  Am I ready to take charge and move past being a 'common employee' because I identify with being my own boss?”

GROWTH:  “Am I ready to explore something more than what I am presently doing?”

PURSUE DREAMS:  “Is it time to re-connect with my youthful ambitions and aspirations?”

RE-ENTRY:  “Is it time for me to go back to work now after having 'put my life on hold' and raised the kids?”

CHALLENGE:  “Can I do my job in my sleep – so my job puts me to sleep?"

IMPULSE:  “Is this a mere impulse to veer away from the trappings of my current career?”

CUT BACKS:  “Am I in danger of being laid off, or have I been laid off?”

LIFE CHANGE:  “Have I recently had a significant life change, such as losing a husband who was the breadwinner, and I have to figure out a career – at my age?”

DISCONTENT:  “Have I been unhappy and unsatisfied with my current job for awhile?”

ADVANCEMENT:  “Do I desire advancement that is not available in my present position?”

ILLNESS:  “Have I been unable to continue with my current line of work due to illness or injury?”

TIME FREEDOM AND INDEPENDENCE:  “Am I tired of exchanging time for money and want to control my own life and have more time and financial independence?”

Career Change After 40
Now What?

If you're like most people your age and ready for a career change after 40, you'll have fit the mold on many of those questions.

So, how do you make that all-important transition and make your age work to your advantage?

In today’s job market, you will encounter tough competition. So, it is all the more necessary to consolidate your professional experience and maturity with your aspirations in order to meet realistic expectations...

Or you could go “outside the box” and set up your own business...

Is that risky?  Not if you do it smartly.

Is that fun?  It can be if you have the right personality for it.  And if you aren't a good personality match in the beginning, you will be by the time you've done it awhile – that's what happened for me.

Could it be rewarding and solve all your problems?  Let's have you answer that one:
  1. Do you think having control of your own time would be satisfying?
  2. Do you think you could enjoy relying upon your own self for your financial future?
  3. Would you enjoy expanding yourself in new directions?
  4. Could you learn to look at “problems” as opportunities for growth and adventure?
If you answered yes to most of these questions, then “yes,” you'd do great with your own business. 

If you chose a high profit home business you'd gain:
  • Financial freedom
  • Quality time with family
  • Control over your own time
  • Independence
  • Personal growth
  • Security for retirement
Nowadays, home businesses have turnkey marketing systems so you can get started right away...

And the best ones are Internet based so you can be mobile and work your business from anywhere in the world.

Career Change After 40

The solution for most people who seek a career change after 40 is finding a legitimate home business idea.  Most home business are successful today because the industry has evolved from “home parties” to being worldwide through the Internet.

Thinking positive through your midlife career change is also key.  When you turn your head to the stars, at least you'll land in the clouds....

So, keep going until you fly!

For more information on making a career change after 40, be sure to check out this other midlife career change article:

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