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Can You Make Money Selling Positive Thinking?
Does Six Figures Count?


Can you make money selling positive thinking today in an economy that is “less than positive” is a very good question.  One that, in fact, gives you a surprising answer.

When you think about selling positive thinking, what comes to mind?  Books, tapes and other "small dollar" items.  But there's a new trend in this hot market which is selling...

High-end personal development programs and conferences.

In fact, it's one of the best new ideas for small business, as well as one of the best high profit home businesses.


Because the personal development industry as a whole right now is skyrocketing in growth...

Yes, even when the economy is a little “challenged.”  This is because when “times get tough," the tough take measures to develop themselves in new and better ways.

Some people go back to school to facilitate a career change...

Others, through job loss, seek creative ways to make money by developing deeper parts of themselves.

Regardless of the motivation, however, today personal development – especially positive thinking – tops the charts in money makers.

Can You Make Money Selling Positive Thinking?

So, now you're probably saying, “Well, that's fine and dandy, Suzanne, but how can you make money selling positive thinking when you don't know if you fit the industry?”

Good question, let's take a look to see if you're a good fit...

Can You Make Money Selling Positive Thinking?
Take the Quiz

If you want to make money in the personal development industry, it's better (but not required) to have a certain set of characteristics identified before you begin:

Let's ask yourself a few questions, and rate your answers on “initial response” rather than thinking about it over and over again.  Just jot down your first response to each question:

Question Below Average Average Above Average
  1. "How interested am I in positive thinking?"
  1. "How much do I like developing myself in new ways?"
x x x
  1. “How much would I like helping others in personal development?”
x x x
  1. “How motivated am I right now to make change happen in my life?”
x x x
  1. “How persistent am I when facing new challenges?”
x x x
  1. “How strongly do I believe that I can create a six-figure income for myself?"
x x x
  1. “How often do I feel successful?”
x x x
  1. “How much do I desire being around a positive work environment?”
x x x
  1. “How much do I believe positive thinking actually works?”
x x x
  1. “How much personal development do I give myself on a regular basis?”
x x x

Can You Make Money Selling Positive Thinking?
Rate Your Answers

If you had:

1-3     Below Average, chances are you'd be better off looking to do something else because your heart just wouldn't be in this industry.

4-8    Average, you'd do pretty well because you're interested and motivated enough to succeed.

7-10    Above Average means that you're an excellent fit for this industry.  You're interested in developing your horizons and believe enough in yourself to succeed.

Can You Make Money Selling Positive Thinking?

You have different options in the personal development industry today:

If you like studying and promoting the Law of Attraction, a Law of Attraction business would be right for you.

If you like the Internet, an Internet personal development business is your choice.

If you're putting the kids through college and money is your goal, you'll want a high profit positive thinking business that sells the conferences because that's where the real money lies.

But no matter which course you take, it's all up to you how much you want to develop both yourself and your bank account.

Can You Make Money Selling Positive Thinking?

So, can you make money selling positive thinking?  Absolutely!  Today's tough times have set the stage for new ideas for small business and high profit home businesses in personal development and positive thinking that open new horizons for all of us...

And allow us to make six figures while having more time freedom to live life the way we deserve.

For more information about promoting positive thinking, check out this article:

Personal Development Business Opportunities: New Ideas for Small Business  Personal development business opportunities are emerging as one of the most creative ways to make money today because this type of business offers many facets to owning...

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