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Benefits of Positive Thinking:
Unquestionably the One Benefit
That Motivates!


Everyone's talking about the benefits of positive thinking these days, right? But there's really only one that has the power to motivate you to stick with using your positive thinking power everyday.

And I think you'll agree it's definitely the best one!
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Importance of Personal development

While this article covers a few of the more commonly known benefits of positive thinking, these really cannot compare to the one benefit that gains more momentum the more you change your attitude.

First, though, let's list a few of the more "commonly" known versions of the benefits of positive thinking:

Thinking positive brings many rewards because it:
  • Makes you feel good - despite the fact that the world around you may be falling down.
  • Keeps your brain "busy" so there's no room for the negative.
  • Keeps you motivated because you have hope.
  • Makes people want to be around you because you're the one inspiring them and giving them hope too.
  • Leads to success because of the single best benefit of all, which I discuss further down... No peeking!
Common Benefits of Positive Thinking:

One of the well known benefits of positive thinking is simply that it makes you feel great.  Why?  Because when you're thinking positive...

You're actually changing your "vibration" to a higher, "feel better" level of happiness.
 Just like colors have different vibrations, so do emotions.  How can you tell?

Let me demonstrate how emotions feel.  Here's a quick exercise to experience how the different emotions feel:  Click here to open a small window with a quick exercise to demonstrate how emotions feel    When you're done, click on this large window again and I'll be here waiting.

Okay, so now you have experienced one of the benefits of positive thinking by changing your vibration for only a few seconds and using your positive thinking power to feel good.  What if you could hold onto that vibration for longer and longer periods of time?

Seems impossible doesn't it?  

It's not.

What if you could start changing your vibration to a higher, happier resonance and then let it accelerate and multiply on its own?  It's actually easier than you think, and that's why I've written this article, which I discuss further along... Still no peeking!

Common Benefits of Positive Thinking:

Did you know that your brain is wired to only think about one thing at a time?

Oh, I can just hear you saying, "Well, I'm a whiz at multi-tasking, Suzanne.  I can juggle 10 things at once."

Yes, you can, but your brain is really only thinking about one thing for each millisecond at a time when you are multi-tasking.  

There's some technical, scientific term for it, but in plain English, your brain - although very much like a computer - only runs one program at a time.  

It does, however, "print in the background" while you're working on other projects. What do I mean by that?

If you give your subconscious a problem or situation to "incubate" or "ponder," it does exactly that - stews on it for awhile.  It works best by kicking its feet up and watching the clouds go by and waiting for inspiration to hit.  But that is another part of your brain and not the part you're using to multi task.

The fact is that if you are consciously focused on something positive, the power of negative thinking can't get a foothold in the door.  It's just the way you're wired.

Common Benefits of Positive Thinking:

Here is one of the better benefits of positive thinking because motivation causes action, and action causes results.  

And although there are a few different things that motivate different people, one of the best motivating factors, in my opinion, is hope!

When you have hope that you're actually going to pass that test, don't you want to study?

Okay, so using a test example wasn't the best because...

Who wants to study for a test anyway?

But, think about how many times you've said, "What's the use" and given up?  

What's missing?


Hope keeps you finding motivation and by keeping your thoughts positive, gives you a "light at the end of the tunnel" attitude.

Common Benefits of Positive Thinking:

Throughout history, there have been times when society needs a morale boost.  Keeping your attitude up gives others around you permission to look at the brighter side of life as well.

You're inspiring others and saying, "Hey, there is hope.  I believe good things will happen."  

Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, you're being a ray of "sunshine and hope" and the world needs some light.  And, those good "vibes" will bring good people to you.  After all, who wants to be around "wet blanket" people?  

Other wet blankets!

Do you want to attract wet blankets or success-minded, happy people?

Let's have you do an experiment one day:

For half of the day talk negative and see what you're bringing out of others.  You'll notice that you're a magnet for their negative thoughts - if they tend to live in the negative spectrum...

And you'll see what the power of negative thinking has to offer.

For the second half of the day, talk positive.  People will resist you at first, but after awhile, they'll come around and look at you as someone who's always happy...

And always giving hope!

Be careful with this, though.  If you like your current circle of friends, wet blankets don't like to dry out.  Rather, they like to throw themselves over you and make you sopping wet too if you try to break away too fast and too hard.

Extraordinary Benefit:

Now, you can peek...

THE BEST benefit of positive thinking is that you are actually changing your body chemistry by changing your thoughts.  And, the good news is that you become chemically addicted to those positive thoughts...

And your body starts producing more positive thoughts...

Which in turn changes your chemistry to become addicted to needing more positive thoughts, which in turn...

Am I making my point here?

My point is that on a chemical level, your brain puts out certain "emotional signatures" with each emotion.  Your body, in order to use these "signatures" creates cell receptors to accommodate the prevailing emotion.

So, if you're constantly angry, for example, a part of your brain is releasing a certain chemical associated with anger.  I'll use "Chemical X" for this example...

When you flood your body with "Chemical X," your cells have to figure out what to do with all the extra "X" coming down the pipeline.  Since there's only so much "real estate" on each cell, it starts changing its receptors over to receive the new flood of chemicals.

But what if your body's cell receptors were originally set for Chemical Y (let's say that's happiness?)   Well, since there's not a lot of that chemical around anymore, those receptors are "harvested" and converted...

In other words, it changes the receptors over from "happy" receptors to "angry" receptors in order to catch the flood of the prevailing chemicals in the system.

Sounds, pretty bad, huh?  To think that your body actually gets ready to receive anger on a cellular level.  Makes me just want to smile, which, by the way, tells your body to be happy.  (Just a little side note.)

But here's the really interesting part:

After the new cell receptors are all formed and ready for the usual run of "angry" chemicals, if they don't come down the shoot, it upsets the system...

So, you "unconsciously" get angry again because your body needs its "fix!"

This is explained in an incredibly funny way in the movie, "What the Bleep Do We Know."   While most of the movie is about quantum physics and can be rather dry, it's worth watching it just for the hilarious way they make this significant point.

This one tangible benefit of positive thinking alone is what gave me the motivation to change my thoughts to positive...

I knew if I could keep the positive, good feeling chemicals going through my system long enough, my cell receptors would become "addicted" to those positive thoughts and want more!

And it worked!

While all of the benefits of positive thinking have their place, the "body chemistry addiction" benefit is by far the best of them.  Your body helps you to stay positive more and more with less and less effort.

So if you're having a hard time staying positive, keep in mind that the more thought control you maintain in the positive realm, the more you are re-programming your cell receptors to accommodate your positive emotions, which then unconsciously drive you to stay more positive.

It happens faster than you think -  so use one of the best benefits of positive thinking to keep thinking positive!

Benefits of Positive Thinking

Now that you know some of the benefits of positive thinking, how can you use them to become more positive NOW?

One of my favorite ways of becoming more positive right away in terms of your body chemistry level is to use brainwave meditation CDs.  


Because they "pump" your body with "feel good" chemicals and if you use them consistently, you can attain a state of well-being from all those great endorphins running through your system.

Since I'm really "into" brainwave meditations, you'll hear me talk about them a lot around the site.

In the meantime, let's check out this article about why personal development is such an important thing to include for a successful life...

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