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Benefits of a Positive Attitude:
Today's Research


Benefits of a positive attitude are talked about a lot, but today's research shows evidence that having a positive attitude has dramatic effects...

In fact, there's so much positive attitude information that I want to give you, I'm not sure where to start...

Okay, let's start with the more unusual (and more fun) benefits of a positive attitude with the "scientific" stuff woven in...

The benefits that are not discussed very much are:
  • More Creativity
  • "Camaraderie" with Yourself 
  • Mind/body Connection
  • Successful Aging
Benefits of a Positive Attitude

This is one of the best benefits of having a positive attitude that I know...

Because when you're "free of worry," you're "free to expand."

Let me explain...

Let's look at your mind like a room in a house.  Now let's say that this "room" is filled with furniture (worry) and that this furniture is too big for the room...

In fact, there's only enough room left to squeeze by the furniture to get through the room.

Okay, so what happens to a room when there's too much furniture in it?

That's right...


There's no room for anything good to happen.

Instead, doesn't the room get stale...



And then doesn't the rest of the house start getting cluttered as well?

Like that room's "energy" starts pervading throughout the house?

Well, your mind is the same way.  If it's so full of worry, anxiety, and "have to dos," etc., where's the room for new positive thoughts?

There's a Zen theory that you have to empty the vessel before it can become full.  This is true in this case...

How do you empty your mind when it wants to stay busy?


You heard me...


Studies show that when you're laughing, you're too busy to "think."

In fact, I found research information that discussed "laughter yoga" where you artificially induce a state of laughter...

It cracked me up!

In fact, laughter yoga sprang up from all the research about the great benefits of laughter...

Part of which is the fact that your mind can only concentrate on one thing at a time...

So if you're laughing, you're too busy to accumulate furniture (worry)...

Which helps you shift the furniture...

Move it out...

Replace it with smaller, "just the right size" furniture that makes the room engaging and attractive.

Makes you want to...

Hang new curtains...

Put a vase of flowers by the window...

Have a cuddly throw rug on the floor...

No, this isn't a home decorating site.

My point is that once you find a way (like laughter) to move out the old furniture (worry), then you have "open space" to be creative (like hang new curtains, etc.) and receive beautiful new positive thoughts, which inspire new hope, and make room for even more good thoughts...

Making it attractive for creativity to come in and "sit a spell."

"So this all sounds fine and dandy, Suzanne" I hear you say, "But, how can I go around laughing all the time?  People will think I'm nuts." 

True, but you'd probably inspire some of them to lighten up as well!

My point is that now you know how beneficial laughter is [and that it is one of the best benefits of a positive attitude], maybe you'll find opportunities to laugh...

And would having a positive attitude help you laugh more?


Benefits of a Positive Attitude

When you have a positive attitude, more people want to be around you...

Including yourself!

One of the benefits of a positive attitude that just naturally occurs is that you become more confident, which inspires better self esteem...

Which inspires a better internal relationship with yourself...

Which makes you start believing in yourself more!

You're not "getting in your own way anymore" and are happy to spend time with yourself...

Which helps alleviate loneliness - on two levels:
  1. You like being with yourself, so your time spent alone is fun;
  2. You're more attractive to others, so you're probably not alone as much!
It's a wonderful, self-replicating cycle!

Studies show that people who feel alone are more prone to depression, sadness and other similar feelings.

So take yourself out for a walk...

Enjoy your time with yourself...

And laugh...

[Be sure you're walking someplace where no one can hear you - or they wouldn't care - so you don't end up in in the "Loony Bin!"]

Benefits of a Positive Attitude
Mind/Body Connection

Having a positive attitude significantly impacts how well your body functions.  Both on a health/immune function and a cellular/emotional function.

On a health/immune level:

According to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal, negative brain activity is linked with a weakened immune system....

And the American Heart Association links anger and depression to heart disease and has found it necessary to advise heart attack victims to avoid depression because it could slow their recovery, as well as increase their future risk of heart problems.

So the American Heart Association is telling us to "lighten up" or our hearts are going to malfunction?  That's a pretty good correlation between how your mind affects your body...

And why one of the health-related benefits of a positive attitude is that it keeps your heart healthy...

On a cellular/emotional level:

There's one more interesting facet to the mind/body connection and that is that we physically become addicted to our thoughts...

On a cellular, chemical level...

Which makes us, in a sense, "addicts of our emotions."

What's good (and bad) about this, is that when you habitually have a positive attitude, you become addicted to that positive attitude...

When you habitually have a bad attitude, you become addicted to that bad attitude.

And your body does its best to "hold onto that furniture!"

Keep it right where it is!

And even tries to push more furniture into the already overcrowded room.

in Benefits of Positive Thinking, I discuss this in more detail, but will suffice to say that if you can keep thinking positive thoughts long enough, your body will "get on board" with you and help you in staying positive.

Benefits of a Positive Attitude
Successful Aging

According to the AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) increased longevity can be linked to reduced stress and uses the example of the people who inhabit the remote island of IKARIA (or ICARIA) which lies at the very southern tip of the Aegean group of Greek islands.

The AARP study showed that the people on that island have "developed a distinctive outlook on life, including relentless optimism."

And that they typically live well into their 90s...

Makes you want to move to Greece!

But we can also do a lot of the same things they do...

Like sequestering ourselves from media and outside pressures...

Looking at life more positively...

And "partying" more often (the islanders apparently party a lot - which probably includes...


By the way, the Ikarians also drink lots of goat's milk, so if you do the "goat thing" instead of "the cow thing" you're also on your way to successful aging [Note: I suspect their milk would be raw, which is better.]

Using electronic mind control to put yourself into a deep Delta state of mind is a great way to release anti-aging hormones at the "touch of a button?"  

Benefits of a Positive Attitude
Other Benefits

Other benefits of a positive attitude include:
  • Fewer physical or emotional health problems, which interfere with work or daily activities
  • More energy
  • Increased goal achievement and more success
  • Increased happiness and overall feeling of well being
  • Greater inner strength and power
  • More Hope
  • More motivate to inspire yourself and others
  • More resiliency when facing difficulties
  • Greater self respect
A positive attitude helps you focus all of your energy on solving the problem, instead of focusing on the problem.

You have the confidence to fight adversaries and stay calm in the process.

With a positive attitude, you have the tenacity to see problems as challenges - not as obstacles.

You can enjoy the true beauty of life if you look at it with a positive attitude and become more energetic and enthusiastic...

And it continues to spiral up...

Getting better and better all the time!

And your first step to starting the upward spiral is:

When you find yourself thinking negatively about anything, quickly turn it into a positive and repeat that new thought ten times...


Because it takes 10 positive thoughts to cancel out one negative thought...

In the beginning.

Later, just the opposite will be true.

An easier way to start changing your attitude to becoming more positive is to use electronic mind control to induce a state of mind that instantly gives you better focus, memory and overall a lasting state of well-being. Read more...

These are just a few of the benefits of a positive attitude.  The longer you practice positive thinking, the more of the benefits of a positive attitude you'll find!

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