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vs. Self Talk:
What's the Difference?


Are all forms of autosuggestion the same?
 Find the form that suits your personality for best results with this guide...

Autosuggestion comes in many forms...

Including the word itself, which is sometimes split into two words as auto suggestion, or hyphenated as auto-suggestion...

Here are my three favorites to discuss...
  • Self talk
  • Visualization
  • Hypnosis
The trick is to find a form that works with your learning style...

Are you an active person with a great imagination? Then walking on a treadmill doing a visualization exercise would work great for you.

Maybe you're a "reader" and love the written word....

Then reading your self suggestions would be your best choice – especially reading them out loud.

If you choose the right form, the power of autosuggestion can be very effective.

According to Wikipedia, autosuggestion is a way of training the subconscious mind to believe something and there are several ways to accomplish this.

One way is through self talk...


Self talk is exactly what it says it is...

Your “self” talking to you from inside.

But who is the “self” that's talking? There are many “selves” inside each of us and there are different ways to quiet them down...

change-your-beleifsAnd ways to change their beliefs.

In fact, I've done a whole program about changing your self talk so you can change those beliefs deep inside of you that are sabotaging you at every corner.  The program's called, "How to Change Your Beliefs" and well worth your time spent working with it.  More about the program...

You also want to gear those beliefs to default toward positive self talk, rather than negative self talk...

And what's in your "head" eventually comes out your mouth, so if you want to have positive speech, you want to start with positive self talk.

How do you do that?

Here are a few quick suggestions:
  • Notice your thoughts
  • Keep a “Thoughts Journal”
  • Learn to control your thoughts
  • Gain momentum

Notice Your Thoughts...

Become aware of what you're thinking about.


Just notice if you have positive self talk or "not so positive" self talk, but...

As you're listening, do it without judging or changing anything...

This lets your “self” keep talking and “give itself away” not knowing it's being inspected. Let it droan on.

Keep a “Thoughts Journal”

Jot down your thoughts as you “hear” them. Just keep a note pad handy.

A pattern of “auto” thoughts will become clear – thoughts that are so automatic that you don't notice them anymore...

These are the ones that keep your present programming healthy and strong.

Learn to Control Your Thoughts

Stop the “brain train” dead in its tracks.

This is where you practice thought control...

If the thought isn't as positive as you would like, reverse the thought and consciously start forming new neural pathways for new positive thoughts.

Gain Momentum

After you have consistently “side tracked” your thoughts for awhile, you'll form new body chemistry to help your new way of thinking.  In fact, you'll become physically addicted to the new thought patterns.

You'll have new positive self talk and your new “automatic” program in your head will happen naturally.  That's why it's called autosuggestion (or auto-suggestion) because it's automatic!

No matter what your learning style is, you'll find more information on how to change your inner talk to positive self talk here.


Most people are visual, so visualization is a very effective form of autosuggestion...

Your brain gets to watch a movie to make its changes.

And it gets so busy watching the movie that all the other thoughts quiet down...

Sort of like putting a pacifier in a baby's mouth...

Your brain is busy.

It's worth noting that your brain can only focus on one thought at a time.

"Oh," but you say, "I'm great at multi-tasking!"

You may be able to "do" several things at once, but your brain is wired to take one thing at a time.  It's just one of those "little known facts."

And, if you are constantly "waiting" for that email, you're splitting your brain's attention and actually losing IQ points...

And we can't afford to lose IQ points these days, right?

What'd you say?  I was busy checking email!

Visualization engages the emotional part of the brain and that's when you get the real results.

You have something called "Emotional IQ" (short for emotional intelligence) which plays a large role in how you make decisions and react to the world around you.

You can use this emotional intelligence component when visualizing...

It comes natural and...

Since most people feel emotions and are visually oriented, creative visualization is one of my favorite ways of programming in new thoughts and suggestions. For more on that subject, click here.


Door To SubconsciousMy path of positive thinking led me to become a hypnotherapist simply because I love how I feel when I do self hypnosis.

It's such a cool way to open the door to the subconscious mind...

It's like meditation, only with an agenda...

Self hypnosis increases the power of suggestion and helps you to "autosuggest" anything you want to yourself.

This is also known as a hypnotic suggestion.

But it's not fit for those with ADD or the inability to sit still and quiet the mind for 20-30 minutes....

Or longer if you're like me. An hour will fly by before I want to resurface...

Yet it felt like just a few minutes.

Self-hypnosis works very well as a form of autosuggestion for those who have the ability to sit and quiet their minds.

For those who can't, subliminal cds also work well and can be used during sleep.

In fact, doing autosuggestion before bed or as you're going to sleep is one of the best times to maximize daily affirmations.

It is hard to be hypnotized?

Let me ask you something...

Have you ever missed your exit on the freeway because your mind was “somewhere else?”

You experienced highway hypnosis, which can also be used as a form of autosuggestion.

What were you thinking about while you were driving? Could your mind have been in “computer programming” mode and too busy to think about that exit?

It's actually pretty easy to get hypnotized because it's such a great state of relaxation...

And we all need more relaxation techniques right?


No matter what kind of personality you have, there is a form of autosuggestion that will work for you.

The key is to use its reprogramming power to change your inner talk to be positive self talk.

Is self talk the same as autosuggestion?

Let me ask you something in return...

If you are unconsciously listening to your self talk all day and night, and your brain is absorbing these thoughts on a consistent basis...

Forming new neural pathways and chemically supporting those thoughts..

Are you practicing autosuggestion?

I'd say so...

The point is to make the practice of autosuggestion conscious...

No matter what learning style suits you best.

Check out this link for more...

Positive Self Talk
Positive self talk can quickly be obtained by managing your negative “brain trains” in a very simple and straightforward way that becomes addictive...


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