suzanne-gloverAuthor entrepreneur motivational speaker hypnotherapist and actress, Suzanne Glover, is a personal development professional who inspires and encourages people to become their best. 

She has a unique approach to helping people because she mixes her background as a professional model and actress with effective hypnosis and positive thinking techniques to give extraordinary tools that work inside and out for better communication, presentation and a successful mindset.

true-professionalSuzanne is one of those self help authors and presenters who is passionate about getting more out of life for herself and guiding others to do the same.

Like many personal development authors and their books, Suzanne is a self help author who focuses on enhancing confidence with a self esteem style of writing because she's always thinking about “how the reader” can improve his or her confidence by using Suzanne's tips for personal development.  Suzanne's experience as a modeling – acting coaching and working with teens, has also equipped her to build a gentle style of writing and presenting that brings out everyone's inner talent.

As well as being an author entrepreneur motivational speaker hypnotherapist and actress, Suzanne is coming to be one of the new thought authors of today.

She not only writes about how our mental states bring forth our experiences in life through Infinite Intelligence, she also advocates using today's technological advances such as brainwave meditations and subliminal affirmations to help our physical bodies connect with our inner divinity.  This also puts Suzanne into the realm of new age authors as she continually emphasizes how the mind, body and spirit are interrelated.

Becoming a self help author takes a lifetime of finding one's own power to overcome challenges and create successes.  Suzanne has done that since an early age as she remembers discovering her inner strength when she earned enough money one summer in junior high to buy her first car... which came a few years later, but through that experience, she learned she had the power to earn and save money.  That successful mindset has stayed with Suzanne throughout her life and has been her “set point” for all her accomplishments since that summer.  Accomplishments like...

Receiving a full tuition scholarship to business college where she graduated with a 4.0 GPA…

Entering the law field at age 19 where she embarked upon her first business endeavor and spent many successful years enjoying the strategies and complexities of how the law works…

Performing in television commercials, films and other professional modeling & acting work where she learned about the film industry…

Teaching for internationally recognized organizations such as Screen Actors Guild and Academy of Art University...

Establishing her own modeling and acting school where she helped young men and women feel powerful...

Traveling around the U.S. scouting for talent for an elite group of talent agencies...

Becoming an author of self-help books and programs as well as writing hundreds of articles for her own positive thinking site and around the web, and...

huge-differenceMaintaining a life as an author entrepreneur motivational speaker hypnotherapist and one of the up-in-coming new thought / new age authors and privileged to touch hundreds of thousands of lives each year.

Suzanne's life of accomplishments comes from her continued desire to re-invent herself and those around her.  She offers an intuitive approach to finding answers within ourselves and believes that we all have the power to be our best!

For book reviews and author interviews, please contact Suzanne, author entrepreneur motivational speaker.

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