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Assertiveness Relating to Personal Development
Aggressive vs. Assertive


Assertiveness relating to personal development? The question is, “How do I tap into my power in such a way that allows me to be assertive, yet not aggressive?”  This article discusses...

What I've learned about my power and how it relates to assertiveness vs. aggressiveness through a positive thinking course I recently studied.

You see, sometimes when we're looking at assertiveness relating to personal development, we ask ourselves how to be assertive, yet not be aggressive.  Well, it's really about getting in touch with your own power.

The best way for me to give you a peak of how I've found a deeper sense of my own power is to put my experience of week two of the program I took inside this article, which gives you a candid view of what I felt and learned as I progressed through this week of the transformational training...

Yes, I use the term “transformational training” because as you'll see, I felt transformed by this week of the program.

It helped me find my own power in such a way that I can be “beautiful” because I'm being powerful.  Rather than the usual, “She's being aggressive,” which many times can be perceived as “ugly.”

As you read my experience, see if you can relate to what I wrote during this second week of the course:

Assertiveness Relating to Personal Development
Week Two


This week the subject is power and how to tap into your own power.  Again, I'm rather surprised because I'm a pretty powerful woman, yet one of the first exercises they had me do was to find where the power is blocked within my body. 

I openly embraced the exercise, even though I reasonably "expected" a good report...

Well, interestingly enough, I had three blocks.  One in my stomach, one in my heart and one in my throat.  The really cool thing that I got from this exercise was that as I worked with each section to understand the blockage, I developed a greater sense of what I need to do every day in my life. 

It removed some "mis-conceptions" I had about trusting my gut and keeping balance...

All because the program prompted me to look inward in a new way.  That's what I mean when I say a program can't "change us."  It is we who change ourselves through the use of tools and being open to new experiences.  The program prompted me to change and as I responded, I found a new level of communication within myself.  This is something that I will use for a very long time to come and already has impacted my sense of power.

I'm really understanding that power is an internal "confidence" that isn't assertive, aggressive or "ugly."  In fact, when a person is truly in his or her power, she/he is beautiful beyond words... 

There's a sense of power that radiates from that person that actually gives those around him/her a sense of power as well. 

One of the things I learned about was how we can cope with resistance by handling our power in a different way.  By staying in control of ourselves, rather than trying to control others. 

So far, I have found this week very validating and encouraging.  Validating because it's showing me that I'm doing a lot of the right things, and encouraging because it is so nice to come home to a positive environment "through the program" on a regular basis after being "out there" in the world. 

I am lifted up, encouraged and empowered every time I do a day's work on the course.  It is step by step transforming me, which in turn is transforming my life.

Day Fourteen [Last Day of Week Two]

I am nearing the end of the second week, and my thoughts are that I have been exposed to different aspects of where my power comes from and how to consciously stay connected to it.  When I am connected with my true power, I no longer am concerned with "Am I being too assertive, aggressive, or 'ugly'." 

I realize that my power is a positive, beautiful gift that I can give myself and others around me.
This program is giving me more understanding about how my power works, as well as permission to use my personal power because it comes from an internal place of trust, rather than arrogance or other negative places of perception.

Assertiveness Relating to Personal Development

What I've learned is that assertiveness relating to personal development is simply a matter of developing your own internal power...

And I was surprised to have found such a deep place of power within myself this week since, as I mentioned, I felt that I already felt very powerful.

And I've also learned that no matter how powerful you may already feel, when you use self esteem programs, you're always prompted to go deeper.

UPDATE:  If you're wondering about the course I took, it's no longer available, which is really too bad because it was excellent.  But, here's a program that - I think - is even better.

how-to-change-your-beliefsChange Your Beliefs Guided Imagery Meditation Program.

This program goes beyond just "positive thinking" and helps you find your power by helping you overcome the limiting beliefs that keep you a victim.  It effortlessly inputs positive affirmations all day and night through "invisible" subliminal recordings and guided hypnosis meditations.

Most importantly, it teaches you how to find your limiting beliefs and how to create your own custom affirmations to overcome them.  Click here to check it out.

So, the bottom line when you're dealing with assertiveness relating to personal development is that you're really a beautiful person when you take the time to find your own internal source of power...

And aggressiveness doesn't exist anymore because you're coming from an authentic place of power within yourself.

Let's see what I discover in Week Three

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