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Articles on Emotional Intelligence
A Comparison of the Different Components of EQ


Many articles on emotional intelligence discuss low emotional intelligence, but what is emotional intelligence exactly?  Regardless of the complexity of this subject, the answer is simple when you boil it down to its basics.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Trying to simply define emotional intelligence seems like a rather difficult task, but if you boil it down to its essence, it's basically becoming more aware of your emotions and staying connected to them well enough to manage them and the emotions of others. 

Let's explain that one:

The components of emotional intelligence, according to Wikipedia consist of three elements:

The ability to IDENTIFY your emotions and the emotions of others
The ability to ASSESS your emotions and the emotions of others; and
The ability to CONTROL your emotion and the emotions of others.

If you're interested in a more detailed discussion of these three elements and a clearer definition of emotional intelligence as to these three components, please take a minute to visit my “Define Emotional Intelligence” article.  When you're done, hit the back button and I'll be here waiting for you...

Components of Emotional Intelligence

While Wikipedia's definition of emotional intelligence is very simple and to the point, other articles on emotional intelligence have said that there are four components of emotional intelligence:
  1. Self-awareness;
  2. Self-management
  3. Social awareness
  4. Relationship management
So, how do these relate to Wikipedia's emotional intelligence theory?  Let's take a quick look...

To IDENTIFY your emotions, you'll need to have a certain level of SELF-AWARENESS...

To ASSESS your emotions, you'll also need to have a certain level of SELF-AWARENESS, but this is where SELF-MANAGEMENT comes into play because even if you have a high level of self-awareness and can easily identify your emotions, you'll still need the discipline to “delve into” how your emotions feel and the discipline to CONTROL them.

To have greater SOCIAL AWARENESS and RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT you'll need all three of Wikipedia's components of emotional intelligence theory.

Why?  Because Wikipedia's definition really boils it down to the “nitty, gritty” of how to improve emotional intelligence by giving us the basic building blocks for success.

Emotional Intelligence Skills

So, now that we've identified the “academic” components of emotional intelligence according to Wikipedia, how do you know what your emotional intelligence skills are and how to improve emotional intelligence?

To determine their emotional intelligence quotient (EQ), many people rely on something called an “emotional intelligence test.”  Is an emotional intelligence test necessary for you to determine your emotional intelligence quotient

Yes and no.

Yes, if you are not very connected to your emotions and suspect that you have low emotional intelligence, it would be a good “guide” for you to use to see what areas you can improve upon.

No, you probably don't need a test to assess your emotional intelligence quotient 
if you already have a high level of emotional intelligence skills because you probably already have the awareness that you are connected to your emotions and already know that you are applying the emotional intelligence theory daily by listening to your instincts on a regular basis.

Emotional Intelligence Test

If you want to evaluate your emotional intelligence quotient, one very simple way to do this would be to ask yourself for one week how well you are listening to the people around you and “feeling” their emotions.

You could also ask yourself how “reactive” you are when confronted by other people's negative emotions.  Do you stay in charge of your emotions, or do you react in a negative way?

If you do react in a negative way, you'll want to learn how to improve emotional intelligence simply by making it a priority to stay non-reactive to others in negative confrontations. 

In fact, this is a very good emotional intelligence test based upon your own reality (rather than a pop quiz)...

Because if you can take a deep breath, count to ten and say, “We need to talk about this when we're not so emotionally charged” during a heated confrontation, you'll have mastered the basic components of emotional intelligence because you will have identified and assessed your emotions fast enough to stay in charge of them, as well as control the negative emotions of others around you by not reacting in a negative way.

While this subject can seem complicated, it's essentially getting to know your emotions in better ways and manageing your emotions using your rational mind as an active part of the process.

relax-and-listen-to-hypnosis Here's a great hypnosis download that helps you increase your emotional intelligence, which helps you:

Get control over unhelpful emotional responses;

Understand your own emotional states and recognize other's emotional states in order to gain more influence over them.

Click here to check out this great hypnosis download.

And here's an another article that explains more about this great subject:

What is Emotional Intelligence and How Does it Relate to Positive Thinking?  “What is Emotional Intelligence” is a hot question today with so much emphasis on emotional intelligence in business and how it strongly affects our success at work.  But it also affects success...


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