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Ancient Secrets to Manifest Money
Combine Secrets With Today's Technology?


There are ancient secrets to manifest money that have been proven to work and are used today by many people.  These secrets that teach us how to manifest money can be used...

With today's new advances to make them easier to use and receive better results.

For hundreds of years, civilization has known that the way to manifest money or how to attract money is to use several specific techniques.

Here are the top techniques that have survived time.

Ancient Secrets to Manifest Money

Much attention has been given to using the power of your thoughts to manifest money since the movie, The Secret, was released in 2006.  But this was not a new concept. In fact, ancient civilizations knew about this phenomenon.   Using the power of your mind is the principal concept behind how to attract money because it relies on the theory of thoughts having electrical frequencies that attract "similar frequencies" or "like matter."

But, how did the ancient civilizations know that thoughts have frequencies when they didn't have electricity?

They probably didn't knew the "technical stuff," but they did know there was a power held within the mind to make “magic” happen when the mind was used in certain ways, and it has been proven over and over again throughout history.

Now that we know about electricity, we can use our technical advances to focus the power of the mind to manifest money.

Ancient Secrets to Manifest Money

One way of using the power of the mind to focus on something is just to think about it consciously and this is a phenomenon that many of us have experienced many times throughout our lives.

Here's an example that I've used for years...

When you are ice skating, for example, if you are focused on falling, chances are greater that you will fall than if your mind is focused upon confidently skating along.

Now, many people might say, “Well, sure I'm going to fall if I can't ice skate.”

Sure you are, but my point here is that your chances are greater for falling simply because your body and energy follow your thoughts.... which are focused on FALLING!

Although we have experienced this in many ways throughout our lives, now there is scientific evidence showing that the mind is creating whatever it is focused upon, whether that focus is conscious or unconscious.

Ancient Secrets to Manifest Money

When you first learn how to manifest money, you are usually guided to using the power of the mind to focus on getting the money you desire.

However, many times this is where people fall short of succeeding with their dreams because they are “going against the grain” of their subconscious mind that may have all kinds of “hidden” issues about money.

This isn't a new concept either, but is one that can be drastically changed by using today's technologies such as brainwave entrainment and subliminal affirmations to effect new subconscious thoughts.

Ancient Secrets to Manifest Money

Since our minds are electrically-oriented, it is easy to use electricity to change our subconscious thoughts to work for us instead of against us.


Brainwave entrainment is where your mind is electronically put into a receptive state for affirmations.  This means that the frequency of the brain is actually changed so that any money affirmations or other thoughts about how to attract money are absorbed easier.


Because they go directly into your subconscious which is “operation central” of your mind.

So, if you want to truly harness the power of one of the main ancient secrets, change your subconscious and it will figure out how to manifest money.

The trouble is finding a good brainwave entrainment audio that helps you manifest money. 

money magnet So, I've created a program with customized brainwave audios that not only give you physical relaxation, but also have money affirmations that help shift your money beliefs to the positive side of the coin so you BECOME A MONEY MAGNET!.  Check out "The Effective Positive Thinking Program."


Another way for combining ancient secrets to manifest money with how to attract money is to use subliminal messaging.

This inputs new thoughts directly into your subconscious without being censored by the critical mind.  This one technology alone gives you the real answer to how to attract money successfullyTo read more about it, click here.

Ancient Secrets to Manifest Money

The ancient secrets to manifest money are real and have been proven to work.  Combining them with today's technologies such as brainwave entrainment and subliminal messaging can make these secrets easier to use with faster results.

You can read more about how to manifest money in this article:

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