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Affirmation List
What Should Your List of Affirmations Include?


An affirmation list should include many things that people often leave out because they become so single minded in their desires.  An effective list of affirmations, however, includes...

Positive affirmations from every segment of your life so you are making well-rounded and integrated changes in your life.

How to Write Affirmations

First, when writing your list of affirmations, you'll want to know exactly how to write affirmations themselves so they work.

The basics of writing affirmations is to focus exactly on the subject of what you wish to obtain, rather than what you don't want to obtain.

For example, many weight loss affirmations focus on "losing weight," but the subject of that affirmation is "weight."  What you want to do is to learn how to write affirmations that focus on the subject of what you desire, i.e., becoming "slender and beautifully shaped."

Also, when writing affirmations, you want to find your limiting beliefs that are stopping your daily affirmations from working.  

But how do you do this, right?  Well, it takes greater self awareness and a little bit of curiosity, but it's easier than you think when you are guided in the right fashion.

Daily Affirmations

Once you know how to write affirmations, you'll want to be sure that you are doing them enough to make them work.  So, after you put together your affirmation list, be sure to do them on a daily basis (usually the morning is best) so you can keep them “in front of your mind” enough to be absorbed.

One great way to keep your daily affirmations consistent is to “tie” them with a chore or task.  So, for example, when you brush your teeth, you could recite your daily affirmations. 

List of Affirmations

Now that you know how to write affirmations and also know that you need to do them with consistency, let's dive into making an effective affirmation list that encompasses many aspects of your life.

Why include more than one subject?  Well, while some people think it's important only to do daily affirmations on one given subject, others believe that it's better to improve many areas in your life at once because a lack in one area could “dis-avow” your affirmations in another area.

So, what do I mean by that?

I mean that if you're doing affirmations for abundance and prosperity, but your self esteem is so low that you don't feel deserving, your prosperity affirmations will probably fail to work.

Here are a few more affirmation examples of this concept:

If you're doing positive affirmations for health, but you don't have the “faith” that you can be well again, you could benefit greatly by including affirmations of faith and trust.

Maybe you're doing career affirmations to “move up the ladder,” but don't believe that more money is possible, so you might want to include money affirmations that expand your beliefs around how much money is possible for you.

Do you see how some areas of our lives can contradict our daily affirmations if the bulk of our affirmations are single minded and only focused on one subject?

So, here is a suggested affirmation list with a discussion for each topic given below:

Self esteem affirmations
Self love affirmations
Positive Affirmations for Health
Affirmations for Abundance and Prosperity
Morning Affirmations to instill gratitude
Relationship Affirmations
Happiness Affirmations
Spiritual Affirmations
Prosperity Affirmations – Money Affirmations
Career Affirmations
Motivational Affirmations
Subliminal Affirmations
Daily positive affirmations that say, “I can”
Affirmations of faith and trust
Marriage affirmations (if you want to improve your marriage)
Weight loss affirmations (if you want to lose weight)
Stop smoking affirmations (if you want to stop smoking)

SELF ESTEEM AFFIRMATIONS:  People with high self esteem feel powerful and deserving.  You'll want to be sure to bolster your self esteem no matter how good you feel about yourself because as you do the daily affirmations from your affirmation list, you'll be challenging your comfort zone to receive more joy, money, happiness, etc.

SELF LOVE AFFIRMATIONS:  When you can increase your love for yourself, you vibrate at one of the highest levels to manifest your dreams.  Resonating love for yourself increases your ability to love others and love life as well.  But most importantly, vibrating at this level can increase your attraction ability for all your other daily affirmations and is an essential item for your affirmation list.

POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS FOR HEALTH:  If you are seeking great change in your life (which we all are usually doing when we're making up a list of affirmations), you'll also want to increase your level of health with health affirmations because this raises your vibration as well.  Lower energy in your health can create energetic blocks to receiving what you desire in other areas of your life – especially if you don't have the energy to take the necessary action when you attract something in line with your other affirmations.  So be sure to include affirmations for health on your affirmation list, even if you're in great shape so you can elevate your energy even higher.

AFFIRMATIONS FOR ABUNDANCE AND PROSPERITY:  Money makes the world go around, so people usually associate abundance and prosperity affirmations with making more money.  But true affirmations for abundance are about having more than enough of everything – food, shelter, love, friendships, health... everything... for everyone.  By having abundance affirmations on your affirmation list that focus on having an abundance of good health, social contacts, etc., you're focusing on “there's more than enough” to go around, which expands your mind to receive.

MORNING AFFIRMATIONS TO INSTALL GRATITUDE:  To start your day off on the right track, do short affirmations right after you get up and continue to do them as you get ready for your day such as, “Thank you for my cozy bed,” “Thank you for the food in my refrigerator,” or “Thank you for this transportation to work.”  Again, you are lifting your overall vibration to gratitude, which is a very high level of attraction for manifestation and another important component to your list of affirmations.

RELATIONSHIP AFFIRMATIONS:  Whether you want a relationship or you already have a relationship, including relationship affirmations in your affirmations list to help your relationship can help support your self love or career moves because these types of affirmations can help you attract the support you need in your relationships to make change happen in the rest of your life areas.

HAPPINESS AFFIRMATIONS:  When you're happy, you open the door to your dreams.  So, keep your “happy meter” high and you can quickly attract that which you desire.

SPIRITUAL AFFIRMATIONS:  Whether you believe in a higher power or not, including spiritual affirmations in your affirmation list that give you the feeling that there is some benevolent force “out there” helping you will gain you ground in having your other daily affirmations work, even if that “benevolent force” is your inner knowledge showing your exactly what to do in each moment.

PROSPERITY AFFIRMATIONS – MONEY AFFIRMATIONS:  Now here's where the money comes into view.  Gently increase your money mindset to receive increasing financial levels by including prosperity and money affirmations in your list of affirmations.

CAREER AFFIRMATIONS:   Whether you have a career or not, this category is about “purpose.”  Are you doing what you are meant to do here on earth?  If not, in what direction can you proceed (either in your career or not) to be living your purpose?

MOTIVATIONAL AFFIRMATIONS:  To consistently do your affirmations, you'll benefit from motivational affirmations that inspire you to “stick it out” until you start to see results from the rest of your affirmations on your affirmation list.

SUBLIMINAL AFFIRMATIONS:  This category is a bit hard to do on your own, but one example of this is to post notes around your house which you eventually “don't see” with your eyes, but you do "see" with your mind.  My preference in this category, however, is to use hypnosis cds that help me get through specific blocks.  Click here to go to my “Guaranteed Hypnosis CDs” page where you'll find a source of over 700 cds from which to choose and incorporate using them with your list of affirmations to jump start your results. 

DAILY POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS THAT SAY, “I CAN”:  Be your own cheerleader and continue to say, “Rah, Rah, I can do this.”  Your subconscious will start believing you at some point.

AFFIRMATIONS OF FAITH AND TRUST:  Nothing happens without having the faith and trust that it will happen.  So, I usually “stack” my affirmation list with lots of affirmations that say, “I trust that...” this can happen or that can happen.  This is probably the most left out, but most important, ingredient for success.

OPTIONAL AFFIRMATIONS that are specific to your situation such as marriage affirmations, weight loss affirmations and stop smoking affirmations can be added to your affirmation list to target your specific goals.


So, what should your list of affirmations include?  Apparently everything but the kitchen sink!  To keep this from being overwhelming, make up your list using around three positive phrases around each subject, which should give you a list of around 50-60 affirmations.


To help you find your priorities and find balance as you get started, I've written a free workbook, “How to Create Your Life.”  
Download my free PDF personal development - life plan workbook, which helps you create balance in your life as you move through change.

Another great way to get started off on the right foot with your affirmations is to use my How to Change Your Beliefs program that helps you "root out" the limiting beliefs that are stopping your daily affirmations from working.

how-to-change-your-beliefsIf you want to "do affirmations in your sleep,"check out my Change Your Beliefs Guided Imagery Meditation Program.

It effortlessly inputs positive affirmations all day and night through "invisible" subliminal recordings as well as has a PDF Quick Start Guide, PDF Workbook, and meditation mp3 audios.

Most importantly, it teaches you how to find your limiting beliefs that stop your daily affirmations from working.

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