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Who's Suzanne...

Well, where shall I start?

Here's a baby pic...

Oh, I guess that's a little too far back...

But you have to admit that I was happy!

In fact, I was usually happy as a kid...

I think I got that from my dad...

He joined the Optimist International the year I was born and is a lifetime member... In fact, he still says the Optimist Creed daily!

Here he is receiving an award from the Optimist Club – he was really optimistic!

Yes, that's me to his left...

Optimism was a “way of life” in our family!

I had a “My Daddy's An Optimist” T-shirt that I loved to wear...

But I couldn't say “Optimist,” so I'd go around proudly saying my daddy was an “Octopus!” (I still call him an “Octopus!”)

The whole family was proud of dad...sam-in-shirt

Including my cat, Sam...

He liked wearing the shirt too!

And do you think I'd get rid of something like that?  No...

I've still got the shirt and would wear it if it would fit...


And dad still has his award!

(And yes, I still have my dad... and mom.)  (Update:  Dad passed peacefully in his sleep July, 2012.)

Here's mom at the local firehouse going for a ride in the fire engine after she won a Christmas dinner for her sorority group...

I get my sense of adventure from her!

Anyway, where was I?  Oh, I was telling you about my youth...

I grew up in a small Northern California town that had a train going right down Main Street...

It carried the local produce [Gravenstein Apples – they're the best!] from the canneries to the market...

Can you imagine a full-size train going down a small town's Main Street?  You didn't take a nap when the train was coming through!

That train supported the local apple industry, which was the heart of the community, so it made sense the train would go right through the heart of town!

My family owned a business downtown so I watched the train come and go with loads of apples...

And I gleaned some rather old fashioned work ethics and community values from that town that have remained with me to this day...

Values like supporting each other when there was work to be done...

Listening to and caring about people...

And living up to your promises!

But not all of my youth was a bunch of “roses” because my height made me an awkward gazelle...

I was 5'9” in 6th grade and hovered heads and shoulders above all the boys... Ugh!

Being the tallest gal in school (as well as a ballet dancer) however, eventually led me into modeling, which led into acting...

Which led into doing television commercials, print ads and film work that have been all over the world.

My zest for acting prompted me to open a coaching studio called Star Potential Modeling, Acting & Confidence...

There I enjoyed helping people find a greater sense of themselves, while they pursued their dreams of modeling and acting.

To get a glimpse of how much fun we had there, I've put my promotional video here from Star Potential...

It lets you get to know me...

That studio is closed now, but during my “Star Potential” years, I learned:
  1. How strongly our minds interfere with our success...
  2. How well clients responded to my consulting and custom meditations...
  3. And how much I loved coaching people to find their potential!

So, I became a Clinical Hypnotherapist!

This has given me more tools to help people break through blocks to success...

So as for me now...

I love to barefoot hike (yes, out in the woods)...

I do photography, videography, writing (as you can tell by my voluminous pages) and love spending time with my cats...

I also like going places...
Have traveled extensively around the United States and have been to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Mexico, The Caribbean, Mexico, Peru, and the list continues...

I've written a novel (mystery)...

Two non-fiction books (one with a DVD storyboard)...

Two comprehensive self-hypnosis programs...

And have written and drawn a cartoon book.


And, yes, I still dance ballet! (That's why some of my site's pages refer to ballet exercises!) 

positive-thinking-courseAnd now with my personal development coaching services, I help people using hypnotherapy, subliminal hypnosis, personal image enhancement and communication skills (public speaking, sales and, yes, acting!)

I'll keep updating this page as I have new things to share!

Suzanne Glover
Clinical Hypnotherapist
International Board of Clinical Practitioners

“...Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.  Begin it now.”

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von

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