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A Smart Marketing System for
Network Marketing?  Show Me...


What does a smart marketing system do for network marketing?  It helps you create relationships and saves you time in the process.  Today's turnkey marketing systems...

Turn stacks of “3x5” index cards into a one-click reply and email follow up.

The amount of work involved in network marketing the “old” way with everything done by hand and the limited “circle of friends and family” contribute to the high failure rate in network marketing.

Only those with great tenacity made it in those endeavors.

Automated Online Marketing Systems

But there's a new “game in town” that uses automated online marketing systems for network marketing.

With how technology has advanced, it only makes sense the someone in the network marketing industry figured out how to use it for their industry too.

Now there are different tools and systems that promise to help you with your online network marketing tasks and ultimately make your work a lot more effective and less stressful to do.

These turnkey marketing systems significantly cut down the time needed to accomplish all of your tasks without spending more on manpower and outsourced services.

Through these smart and pre-programmed systems, you will be able to achieve the success that only the tenacious few had in the past.

Smart internet marketing systems are one of the advancements developed that can definitely help you ease your network marketing burdens.

How Do They Work?

A smart marketing system is programmed to help you easily contact your list and interact with them automatically with pre-programmed emails and other tools so you don't need to go through your “3x5” cards anymore. 

The system keeps track of how many times you've called your leads and each time you do, with a click of the mouse you've send a personalize email straight away to your prospect and you're onto the next lead.

How Do I find One?

How do you sort through the automated online marketing systems out there today? 

Well, first there aren't all that many good ones because the concept is still relatively new.

And secondly, for the most part, you should consider the product they're offering first.  If you find a good product that you can believe in and it has a turnkey marketing system that goes with it, you're better off using that company's system...

Although not all network marketing companies have gotten into today's technologies with these systems.  So, if you've found a product that you like, but there's not system that goes with it, keep looking.

It's worth your time to look for a great product with a great system because a smart marketing system will allow you to accomplish your tasks easily so that you are left with more time to do other important matters.

Why Use A Smart Marketing System
for Network Marketing?

A smart marketing system does most of the work for you. This means less time for work and more time to do other things you want.

Today's automated online marketing systems have pre-programmed email auto responders, which you can easily use with a click of a button.

Along with the auto responders, these systems store your contacts and automatically send them emails whenever you want.

A good system has step-by-step instruction on how to run the business as well as the system.

These turnkey marketing systems have pre-written web pages that capture your prospects information too.

How do you generate leads with these systems? 

If you're an Internet guru, these systems tell you how to generate the code to capture leads on your marketing site and “dump” them into the back office of the system.

If you're a “newbie,” you can buy leads within the system or watch the system's tutorials about how to generate your own leads – either with an advertising budget or without a budget.

These systems save you costs in the long run because you're not outsourcing or hiring extra help to keep up with the flow of prospects.


Ultimately, these smart marketing systems are great tools that save you time and money overall and that leads to a more positive attitude.

With the right mindset and the right attitude, you can definitely utilize and bring out the best of a smart marketing system.  The one thing you need to "bring to the table" is an openness to learn and willingness to commit to your success.

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