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Best Wealth Affirmations - Nov. 2011 Positive Thoughts Newsletter
November 28, 2011

Law of Attraction
Five Ingredients For The Best
Wealth Affirmation

For the holidays, I thought a nice subject for our newsletter would be how to create wealth affirmations that work.

So, let's get right into finding out the five key ingredients to making our lives wealthier...

Law of Attraction
Five Ingredients For The Best
Wealth Affirmation

When using the Law of Attraction, the best wealth affirmation you can give yourself is something much different from the average wealth quotes and affirmations. What you want to do is start building the foundation for wealth from a different angle. This article talks about an uncommon way to wealth using an uncommon approach to creating a wealth affirmation.

First, let's talk about the average "wealth affirmation." What comes to mind when you're thinking of wealth and building the foundation for wealth using the Law of Attraction?

The first thing that usually comes to mind is to have the feeling of "rolling in dough" and being able to buy anything "your little heart desires." A wealth affirmation in line with this frame of mind would be something like, "I love my new Jaguar" and to put up a picture of that vehicle on your vision board.

While this external approach has been known to work, it is rather difficult to sustain long enough to get the desired object, in this case, the Jaguar, because it's "single-faceted and superficial," rather than "multi-faceted and deeply driven."

When you want to invoke the Law of Attraction in manifesting wealth, you'll want to be sure you have a wealth affirmation that comes from different angles and does five things:

1. Finds True Desire
2. Motivates
3. Gives Permission
4. Initiates Energy
5. Removes Blocks to Receiving

FINDS TRUE DESIRE. When building the foundation for wealth and creating your wealth affirmation, a key point is to identify the root emotion behind wanting something. In other words, in learning how to manifest what you want, you first have to really "find out exactly what you want on an emotional level." For example, if you want a luxury car, ask yourself if you want it for "ego purposes," or for "luxury because you deserve it" purposes. No matter what the reason, once you identify the true emotion behind getting the material object, you have the emotional charge to invoke the Law of Attraction and discover the secret of wealth.

MOTIVATES. Hope motivates you to action, so you want to create a wealth affirmation that gives you hope. Once your mind feels hopeful and motivated, your mind will also figure out how to attract wealth.

GIVES PERMISSION. A good wealth affirmation also gives you permission to feel "allowed to receive." My wealth plan always includes a lot of money affirmations and wealth quotes that make me feel deserving and receptive.

INITIATES PHYSICAL ENERGY. Another good ingredient when doing wealth affirmations is giving yourself better health to fulfill the tasks that you've become motivated to do once you have hope and permission.

REMOVES BLOCKS TO RECEIVING. Lastly, a crucial part of learning how to attract wealth and building the foundation for wealth is to release deeply held, yet negative, beliefs about having money and material things. While this may sound like an uncommon way to wealth, this actually opens the door wide open to allow you to receive money and wealth. The best way to do this, although also uncommon, is to re-program your subconscious thoughts around money by using subliminal audios that specifically help you remove blocks to receiving money and wealth.

Writing wealth affirmations and building the foundation for wealth is multi-faceted because when you find your true desires, give yourself hope, permission and energy, you'll have the motivation to make things happen. Once you have subliminally removed blocks to receiving what you want, you've "blasted the door wide open" to allowing the Law of Attraction to respond to your wishes.

While this sounds like an uncommon way to wealth, it is the best way to create a multi-faceted, emotionally driven wealth affirmation that invokes the Law of Attraction and helps you discover the secret of wealth because you've tapped into the real reason, motivation and ability to obtain it by finding true desire and removing blocks to getting what you want.

I offer more information about how to subliminally release deeply held, yet negative, beliefs about money in my How to Attract Money Using Subliminals article.

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