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The Month of Love - Feb 2011 Positive Thoughts Newsletter
February 15, 2011

February is the Month of Love
from Positive Thoughts!

Since this is the "Month of Love," I've chosen an article about self hypnosis that can affect your own "self love."

Why? Because when you increase your confidence, your "self love gas tank" gets filled up too!

So, to top off our issue, here's an article that gives you some things to consider when learning how to do self hypnosis, as well as why you can build more confidence (which equates to self love) by practicing self hypnosis.

Self Hypnosis Instruction: Four Things to Consider When Learning How to Do Self Hypnosis

Is there such a thing as Self Hypnosis Instruction? Yes! And there are many suggestions from the Internet about how to do self hypnosis complete with CDs and instructions. Before attempting to find out how to learn hypnosis, however, there are four things to keep in mind.

1. ARE YOU READY FOR CHANGE? While many people think that hypnosis is a "magic bullet" that makes them do "anything," the truth is that hypnosis cannot make anyone do anything that they do not really want to do. Therefore, it is important that you are thoroughly ready to make a certain change happen. When you are completely convinced that you are ready, you will reap wonderful success from learning how to do self hypnosis.

2. HOW LONG CAN YOU HOLD FOCUS? No matter what type of self hypnosis instruction you find, another thing that can hold you back from success is the inability to focus. If your mind is running "a million miles in all directions," before beginning any self hypnosis instruction, you should find a way to quiet your mind. One excellent suggestion when starting to learn how to do self hypnosis is to use electronically induced meditation which quiets your mind down within minutes and prepares you very well for hypnosis. This way, you can concentrate on the hypnosis process and allow your mind to relax and absorb the suggestions.

3. HOW WOULD YOU RATE YOUR DETERMINATION? To have success with anything in life, you must be able to “stay the course” and this is especially true when you embark on how to learn hypnosis. Your current thoughts and beliefs did not just “appear” overnight. So, it will take time, patience and determination to stick with any self hypnosis instruction long enough to see the benefits. If you feel uneasy about your stamina, contacting a hypnotherapist who is willing to teach you how to do self hypnosis is a good alternative to embarking alone on this journey.

4. DO YOU HAVE THE CONFIDENCE TO GET STARTED? Many people ask, "Can self hypnosis improve confidence?" Yes, it does, but it also takes a bit of confidence to get started with how to learn hypnosis. Nevertheless, here are three ways you build confidence by learning self hypnosis:

First, by learning how to do self hypnosis, you are giving yourself power to make substantial change in your life. This power that you receive from taking charge of your life gives you more confidence overall that you can better handle things in life.

Secondly, when you want to know how to learn hypnosis, you are showing that you believe in yourself enough to venture out and try something new. Every time you try something new, whether you are great at it or not, you are telling yourself that you are worth taking the risk on, and therefore your confidence is boosted again.

Lastly, by applying yourself to self hypnosis instruction and making positive changes in your overall beliefs, your confidence gets a big boost from your beliefs becoming more positive.

SUMMARY: If you are truly ready for change, can hold focus long enough to get the self hypnosis instruction under your belt, have strong determination and have enough confidence to give it a shot knowing that you will build confidence as you get better, you are a great candidate to learn how to do self hypnosis through self hypnosis instruction. If you are still "on the fence" about whether or not you're ready, taking a free hypnosis instruction course or using electronically induced meditation would be good way to start.

If you're interested in finding out more about self hypnosis instruction and electronically induced meditation, please visit my self hypnosis instruction and electronic mind control articles on the site.

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