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50 Career Change
Checklist to Know if You're Ready
and Find What You Want


Making an after 50 career change can be easy and exciting with the right perspective and plan.  Here is a checklist to help you discover why...

You're ready to create the life you want now.

After 50 Career Change
Reasons Why You Want One

Let's see if you fit any of these reasons why people consider making a career change after 50:


You're not thrilled by the work you do anymore..

Either it doesn't fulfill your wants and needs anymore, or you just don’t like the environment or tasks associated with the job.


You feel that you are “running out of time...”

That you should be making something amazing happen, doing something incredible with your life and staying in your your job doesn’t “cut it” anymore... 

It feels like a dead end when you know that there is something so much more that you can do!


Sometimes you just want to get it over with and some place for rest and relaxation, and spend more much-needed quality time with your family and friends.


One of the most painful reasons why you're looking to make a change is that you may have no choice.  You may be one of those people making an after 50 career change because you've been laid off from your previous job.  Perhaps your industry is shrinking, so you're looking for new developing markets.


You're not earning the kind of money you want to or deserve.  Your salary has been left behind, while the demands of your life increase.  You're ready to earn more money from your career now.   Income is indeed a very important standard for choosing a career you want for the rest of your life.  While this isn't the only reason, it is among the most common reasons for job dissatisfaction.


You want to continue growing, developing, progressing, learning and overall getting better, but your job is in the “routine and nothing’s changing anymore” mode. There’s no more room for development and you’re getting restless for something else.

Do you feel as if there’s so much more to life than what you’re dealing with right now?

Do you feel as if you could do so much better... that you are overqualified for this job, or that there is an industry somewhere out there that could make better use of you, your acquired skills and your restless gotta-make-it-happen attitude?

Then you're looking for a challenge!


You want to have control over your own time.  You're tired of being told what to do by others who are inefficient and ineffective.  You want time freedom and control of your own skills, schedule and job description.

Autonomy is indeed a very enticing thought to those who are thinking of shifting careers.

An answer to this is becoming self employed.  This may seem daunting at first, but if you want true independence, the start-up time is a small trade-off against the stress of reporting to a superior who may not be sensitive to you and your needs as a human being.


You're tired of missing your children, spouse, dog, cat, etc., because you give so much of your time to “the company.” By the time you get home, you're so tired, there's nothing left to give to your family or to yourself (which is the next reason... no peeking.) 

This is one of the most pressing reasons for an after 50 career change.  Simple because you want more quality time with your family.  Instead of neglecting your family because your career is so demanding (plus commute time), you want to stay home and have time to travel and play with your family.


Okay, time to peek... It's just time to answer that longing within and explore your old tucked-away dreams. 

You've reached that point where your spirit is calling you to find your purpose and your passion.

Did You Relate?

So how did you do? 

Did you relate to many of the nine items above?

Realized that you want your independence, time, passion and dreams back...?

That you've finally had enough of trying to fit within the limits of your job and are ready to break out and embrace change?

Then, let's talk about today's options...

After 50 Career Change
What To Do If You're Ready

Discovering why you're ready to make a career change after 50 is the first step. Once you've identified what you don't want, it's easy to figure out what you do want and turn your thoughts positive about future career choices.

All of these positive thoughts make for a brilliant tool that can arm you for entering such lucrative careers such as a home-based business career, which is one of the fastest growing industries.

Why?  Because home-based businesses answer the needs for many who are looking to change careers...

They've evolved from “home parties” to using the Internet and marketing systems that are so sophisticated that it's easier than ever to succeed. 

By using the Internet, you can be anywhere in the world and be “in business” (vs. dragging products around from home to home or meeting people in coffee shops to show them a "flip chart.")  My “office” is a cell phone, a laptop and a binder.

After 50 Career Change
Benefits of Being Your Own Boss

Working within the comforts of your own home, being near your family and being your own boss allows you to embrace the freedom that you’ve always wanted for yourself.

And many of today's legitimate home business ideas offer a six figure income in addition to the time freedom and independence.

All the stress of having to deal with your old job can be channeled into the productivity that you will be able to achieve for yourself in a home-based business. 

My favorite choice for those making a career change after 50 is to combine personal growth, professional development and home business enterprise in a personal development home business.

Excelling in these opportunities allows you to get the lifestyle you're yearning for at this time of life. 

You can focus on yourself and your own needs, instead of the “boss's needs.”

You can fill in the areas of your life that have gone missing because of the positive and proactive approach you'll learn and apply through a home-based business career.

Many people making an after 50 career change are happier once they have achieved this fulfillment, especially when they are able to create more time for themselves, their family, their hobbies, and all the other things they weren’t able to do before when they were still stuck in their old jobs.

After 50 Career Change

Once you realize you don't want to stay in your rut anymore and are ready for a chance to experience something much better, then you have hit the answer to your midlife career change.

Nothing beats having the luxury of time to do the things you really want to do. You are then able to focus on your own dreams and not have to put them to the back burner for the sake of your boss or anyone else.

You can always make the choice for a career change at middle age, and you can achieve success with openness and determination in your thoughts.

For more information about an after 50 career change, check out this other midlife career change article:

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